Jukebox Friday

99 Problems – Hugo

Welcome to Jukebox Friday! It’s Friday! Let’s play something sexy. How about Hugo’s cover of the Jay-Z song ’99 problems’. The first time I heard to song was on the end credits of the remake of an 80s classic vampire horror flick ‘Fright Night’. It sounded provocative, sexy and it was love at first hear. And the song is also very accurate as I have 99 spanks still coming my way for being a brat. 😛 Anywho, happy Friday! 😉

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Kinky Dungeon

Sexy Sunday – Someone is back from vacay

Surprisingly busy on this Sunday so I’m going to keep this short, but I just gotta write something on this Sexy Sunday cos Sir Atticus is back from His vacay this week. 😛 I’m not saying that His kitten was a bad girl while He was gone, but still, after a quick calculation, the punishment I was going to get summed up in 240 strikes… how did that happen? *nervous laugh*

Well, this week I received 140 of the strikes gracefully. Semi-gracefully. Maybe. Potentially. I’m just going to leave this photo here of my butt two days after the punishment. Oh, and I didn’t use any camera filter, there was just a red shaded light on in the room, so with the flash, the color is all funky. Have a nice Sunday! 😛

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 44 – Supergirl, Light Carnival and being forgetful

Another week had passed and here’s another weekly obsessions.

1. Foodporn Fever


There’s a Chinese lunch restaurant near my office and just recently they began to serve breakfast buffet too. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and traditional Chinese breakfast is my ultimate comfort food and guilty pleasure. Why guilty pleasure? Because I’m supposed to be on a low carb diet and I should be avoiding everything that’s not whole grain or vegetable, and Chinese love their carbs. But it was Friday so I decided to treat myself. I went there and got a take-away (so I wouldn’t eat too much. I picked out a steamed pork bun, a steamed meat dumpling, two pan fried buns (because they are my favorite), a scallion egg pancake, some tofu spicy salad, two deep-fried wonton with sweet peanut filling and a small baked peanut bun. Okay, maybe I did take too much. After that ‘breakfast’, I was so freaking stuffed the whole day and even skipped lunch. My body was going crazy about all that oily carbs right in the morning. As good as Chinese breakfast is, I have no idea how Chinese in China could eat that every morning. I do realize that they are probably used to it, and they might not eat that large of a quantity in one seating, but still. The problem with me was that I didn’t necessarily feel full, just stuffed, like eating too much candies. No wonder my mom wonders how I don’t get hungry with just a smoothie as breakfast. 😛 I much rather have something full of protein and Vitamin C that would keep me full but not stuffed. 😛

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