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Halloween Special – CreepsMcPasta

One of the biggest names in the horror narration scene at Youtube, CreepsMcPasta has earned his keep with a channel almost a thousand videos strong. He has this soothing and calm voice with a proper British accent. It was impossible to choose only one of his video for me to recommend since there are so many. So I chose several. And as someone who had used a year or so to listen to all his stories, yes, every single one of them, I can confidently say that the following stories are some of his very best so far. First one is “Waking Up”. It’s a long one, slow burn and I really enjoyed the big reveal. Second one, “Love” is not exactly a scary story, but it’s such a well-crafted one full of feels. It just happens to have a supernatural element to it. Last but not least, “When God Blinks” is one of my favorite stories ever and I really liked the ending. So turn off the lights, put on your headphones and enjoy!

Random Ramblings

Halloween Special – Let’s Read!

Another week in October, another horror story narrator on Youtube to recommend. If you miss last week’s post about the brilliant Jacqueline Nym, do check it out. She is one of the rare female narrators that is so very good. This week, it’s someone I just got into recently, I’m not sure about his name, but his channel is ‘Let’s Read!‘. The master of the channel has a very deep soothing voice. He reads stories from Reddit, creepypastas and horror short stories and novels. He also has guest narrators very often to read stories within a certain theme. You would hardly run out of content because there is a lot of it. My personal favorite is him reading creepypastas. And my absolute favorite narration from him so far is a creepypasta called ‘The Gift of Mercy’. It has some sci-fi element in it, and it’s not terribly long. Perfect before bedtime. Enjoy, and good night. 😉

Random Ramblings

Halloween Special – Jacqueline Nym

Ah October. As a horror fan, autumn is naturally my favorite season and I’ve always held a special fondness for October, the unofficial month of horror, Halloween and everything spooky. The nerdy posts on Saturdays this month are going to be heavy on anything scary, but I also like to take over Thursdays for shout-outs to some of my favorite Youtube horror narrators. It’s one of those newer ways to enjoy the favorite genre and it’s becoming one of my favorite ways to consume horror, surpassing movies. Cos I don’t like jump scares. They are the cheapest, but sadly also the most used way in horror movies, because horror movie makers have forgotten the art of slow-burn horror. That uncomfortable feeling from really good horror, that crawl up your back, the goosebumps and the steady quickening of the heartbeat. Books are great for that, but if you don’t like reading or don’t have time to read all the time, narrated horror is the next best thing. I’m a huge consumer of those since I sometimes got very repetitive tasks at work that doesn’t require much brain-power, so they had kept me awake and entertained. Not only am I going to recommend some of my favorite narrators, I also going to recommend some of my favorite stories that they had narrated. Some of these are new acquaintances, some old friends. Let’s start with a lady that has immense talents and is way under-appreciated – Jacqueline Nym.

Trust me when I say I go through a lot of horror channels on Youtube. I’m very picky when it comes to the voice, the accent and the enunciation. One of the reasons is because English is my third language, although I’m getting better with accents, I still have trouble understanding anyone with a thick accent. Enunciation is also very important to me, I have a natural disability of repeating words after hearing them, especially words I didn’t catch or didn’t understand. And because of that disability, I would get distracted easily. My brain literally stops everything it was doing and get hung on that one word and I would easily miss the next 1-2 minutes of the story. That’s why I prefer reading and watching movies when it comes to following a story other than news etc. Cos my hearing sucks. And the speed is very important too. Stories, like stand-up comedies, they need space and dramatic pauses in order to breathe, and some narrators just go through stories waaaay too fast for the stories to make any impacts. I think especially in horror stories where suspense is crucial, speed is also very important. Anyways. So I am picky when it comes to horror narrators. 😀 And by far, the very best narrator I’ve encountered on Youtube is Ms Jacqueline Nym.

She is quite new to the horror scene, just under a year, and her channel has way fewer followers that she truly deserves. She has a theatrical way of telling stories, she acts different voices and her reading speed changes according to the storyline and instead of the pretty monotone creepy voices that some narrators (especially men) adapt and yes, they sometimes do work, Jacqueline’s voice leaks emotions. Her narrations are truly a treat to the ear! I later learn that she has a theater background, so no wonder. Her style of horror is more macabre and gothic. I strongly recommend her stories and channel even if you are not a fan of horror because not all of them are scary, and they are little listenable art pieces.

Last but not least, here is one of her stories, my favorite of hers so far. It’s on the longer side, about 30 minutes, but trust me, it’s going to be a 30-minute well spent. It’s my favorite because it’s grounded, mysterious and done in a way of a journalist’s report so it adds some needed anchors to this crazy and emotional story. So turn off the lights, put on your headphones and enjoy. Have a good night! 😉