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Foodporn Monday – Whole30 Week 4

2017-01-30-18-09-14Oh my God oh my God! Today is the last day of my Whole30 journey!! And I just ate my last meal of the day, so basically I am done. So to ‘celebrate’ that, I popped my cherry, aka I took my kale virginity. That’s right, I’ve never eaten kale, because just the smell of it used to make me gag. Not that I like it very much now either, but salad, the healthy kind like spinach, beet greens etc are pretty pricey in Finland, at least the amount I am committed to eat from now on, it’s going to be too expensive for me to maintain. Unless I bring the cheap kale into the picture. Replacing half of my weekly salad intake with kale, I save about 40%. So kale it is. And I found out that anything can be made edible with enough garlic and with a side of bacon slices. 😛 And kale is super filling. I fried up 100 grams of kale, and I haven’t felt this full ever after eating what’s basically just a salad. 😀 Oh and a tip for those wanting to try sauteed kale too, it is very very salt friendly. Meaning it sucked up all of the salt I put in, which surprised me. So just add a little bit of salt, or a splash of broth and skip the salt.

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Foodporn Monday – Whole30 Week 3

Mmmm Tiger Blood finally came to me. ‘Tiger blood’ is the Whole30 terms. For some, it’s like a light switch turned on and they would have so much energy even without the good old coffee. And for others, it’s more subtle. On week 3, Tiger blood finally came to me. I had so much energy although last week was crazy busy at work. I was also in such a good mood despite all the bullshit at work. It did end in a less of a high note though. Saturday I went out for coffee with my friend and we got caught up chatting girly stuff for way too long, and I wasn’t prepared. And when I finally got home, starving, I noticed that I’ve practically skipped lunch. I’m not sure whether it was because of this little disturbance in a diet delicately balanced, I woke up with a huge headache on Sunday morning, that gradually turned into a migraine. Oddly, it was a just a wee one compared to those I’m used to before but it did come with all of the side effects like depression and tiredness. I mean I took two naps on Sunday. To top it off, I broke the brand new portable glass thermos flask into million pieces (luckily in my sink) aaaaand cut my hand while I tried to clean up. So yeah, a terrible ending to an otherwise awesome week. Sir Atticus did His best to cheer me up on Monday morning, and no one does the cheering up as well as He does. ^^ So back to food, what did I eat last week? I do have to give some credit to my parents and be grateful for my roots as a Chinese. I’ve heard that after three weeks of cooking Whole30 meals, it might get pretty boring if you don’t know many ways to make different veggies. For me, vegetables have always been easy. I didn’t have to get to know many vegetables because I happened to know both Western and Eastern vegetables and ways to cook them. And for me, when in doubt, just stir-fry them. 😀 And I’ve been doing that a lot lately, just because I’m lazy. And any veggies can be made to taste good with just a wok, some hot enough oil, garlic and salt. 😀

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Foodporn Monday – Whole30 Week 2

So if Week one of the Whole30-diet is like a sloth (being slow and tired all the time), then Week two is a blowfish. Right on Monday, my pants felt tight, and I felt huge. It’s the no-way-to-suck-in-your-tummy kind of bloated. I soldiered through, and began a new 8-week workout program and thank God I chose one for busy people which basically means workouts are shorter. I’m not sure whether it was my longer than usual workout break (10 days) or the new diet, my muscles were so freaking sore all week. Fortunately, according to the Whole30 web page, it’s pretty normal to feel bloated around week two and as promised, I’m feeling much better on the weekend already.

2017-01-08-16-50-54I forgot to share grocery photos last week, so here they are. That was on Sunday 8 days ago. I know, there’s a looooot of meat and not nearly enough vegetables. I’m still learning. I had to go to the store in the middle of the week to get more greens. In the beginning, I was worried that needing to buy all the veggies and meat, it would be challenging to stay in my weekly grocery budget but it was surprisingly easy. I even had the money to get steak which I hardly ever can afford without sacrificing on food quality rest of the week. I guess junk food did cost more. I used the chicken thighs and one pack of bacon for work-day breakfasts, and the big chunk of delicious steak for lunches. Some steaks were left from the lunches, so I made stir-fried beef and veggies from them for dinner on most days.

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