Jukebox Friday

Father & Son – Cat Stevens

Couple of days ago I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and while Vol 1 made a bigger impact by being something so fresh and quirky, I personally like Vol 2 more. Vol 1’s soundtrack is also superior but Vol 2 had one of my all time favorite songs, it almost always makes me cry and it was used very well in the movie. Hope you enjoy it too, and happy Friday! 🙂

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Jukebox Friday

Rise Up – Andra Day

I just saw ‘Hacksaw Ridge‘ today, I’m going write about it more on Cultural Crusade next Tuesday. I love a good war movie, because a well-made one is supposed to make us braver and more grateful about the peace we are taking for granted right now. But hardly ever a war movie would leave me feeling hopeful. And ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ did. So for this week’s Jukebox Friday, I chose a beautiful song. A song about courage. Happy last Friday of 2016!

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Jukebox Friday

Piece by Piece – Kelly Clarkson

You know those tear-jerker songs? I guess they are different for everyone. For me it’s ‘First of May‘ from Bee Gees, about growing up and letting go. It’s ‘Say Something‘ from A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, about heartbreak and giving up. It’s ‘Take Me To Church‘ by Hozier, about frustration and the feel of abandonment. I recently rediscover such a song from a few years back, ‘Piece by Piece’ by Kelly Clarkson. And especially the live version, where her usually perfect vocals were weighed down by heavy emotions. I cried when I first watched her performance, but this time not because of sadness, it’s because the overwhelming hope I felt. Her song is beautiful, with a set of amazing lyrics that is definitely one of my favorites of all time. If you’ve never seen this particular performance, you’re welcome. You can thank me later. Have a lovely Friday! (PS Don’t get me wrong, I had a happy childhood and my dad is always there for me. But some other men, not so much.)

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