Jukebox Friday

Liability – Lorde

Dear Lorde, you are such a spectacularly strange creature. Sometimes she’s a little too weird for me, but then few of her songs, they would have me on my knees, because they touch some part inside of me. I think that’s the magic of Lorde, she’s all kinds of extreme. And you either love her like crazy or you couldn’t care less, and you can be both at the same time. After her wildly successful first single ‘Royal’, she’s now back with her second album ‘Melodrama’. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the whole album yet. Another thing with Lorde’s music is that it really requires time to digest. I’m currently still digesting ‘Liability’, and I love it. It’s really short, but the lyrics… I guess they would tug and pull at the heart strings of all the beautiful little freaks out there, including me. Just know this, for the right person, you would never be a liability, or too much.

I know, a bit melancholy for the weekend. In case you wanna get into the groove, I recommend another Lorde song, a slightly older one. Happy Friday!

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Jukebox Friday

Alive – Sia


Jukebox Friday! For me, it just means that my Christmas vacay is coming to an end. So I chose a song that’s pretty appropriate for today’s feels and it also represents something I hope I’ll be next week when the work begins. But for those who have been already slaving away at work this week, you deserve this Friday. Plus it’s also one of my favorite songs from my favorite album in 2016: Sia – Alive. I’m in love with her voice, especially when she hit those high notes loud and clear and it sounds that her voice is breaking. I love when she screams ‘I’m Alive’, it always sends chills down my back. And we should all be grateful that we are indeed alive. Happy Friday!

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Jukebox Friday

I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

I feel like I’m late to the party or something. Last week, I heard Sam Smith on the radio while I was at a store, and damn he sounded good. I’m a Sam Smith fan, his whole album is my jam. So color me surprised when I noticed today that I haven’t featured any Sam Smith songs on Jukebox Friday. I am here to correct the wrong, so here we go, one of my favorites from his debut album, ‘I’m not the only one’. It also has a very well-made music video starring the beautiful Diana Agron. Although the song is a little depressing, I suggest you just focus on Mr Smith’s smooth voice. Happy Friday, everyone!

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