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More more more! – Thoughts about sex addiction and kink

Kuvahaun tulos haulle sex addiction

First post about naughty stuff in ages! Sorry about that. 😛 And this is going to be a bit of a rambling too. It’s the TV show Shameless I’ve been watching and in it there was this male character who is a self-proclaimed sex addict. He’s been attending meetings and on his way to being ‘healed’ and restricts himself only to sex with one woman whom he loves and only in the missionary position while listening to Seal’s ‘Kiss From the Rose’. When being questioned about his very singular taste in sex, he revealed that sex is like a monster to him, if he chooses to release the monster, he can only get satisfaction from sex acts more on the extreme side, and it would only get more and more extreme cos so-called normal sex wouldn’t cut it anymore.

And that kinda got me thinking. During the early phase of my BDSM journey, when I was still one foot on the vanilla side and one foot on the dark side, I’ve encountered men who simply refuse to experiment the kinkier stuff like bare hand spanking or choking. I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but the reason they gave me was that they were afraid that their appetite would only get darker and darker and it might get to a stage where nothing short of a hardcore SM stuff would suffice. I’ve also been asked whether I’m afraid that that’s happening to me eventually. Personally, I am not even worried, and I will attempt to explain why not in this post.

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Thank You Thursday Special

Today, we are to celebrate Thank You Thursday, and as all the submissives out there should acknowledge, being a Dominant or Master can sometimes be a thankless duty. All those responsibilities, all the brattiness and tantrums to suffer through, so many things to consider just to keep their subbies happy. So to kinda combine Kinky Wednesday and today’s post, I want to make a little list of things to thank my beloved Dominant, Sir Atticus.

Thank You, Sir, for all the scratches and kisses on my head, and hugs and ‘Come here’s. Your kitten might seem distracted sometimes or just over-excited to see you to appear properly appreciative of all the attention given to her, but make no mistakes, above mentioned actions always make kitten’s heart flutter and get tingly all over. ❤

Thank You, Sir for being semi-patient with your talking cat aka me. As all pet owners would understand, their pet simply drive them crazy all the time.

Thank You, Sir for making an effort to make me feel more secure and at ease by making plans, although You are more of an ex tempore kind of person, while kitten would get anxious and restless without plans.

Thank You, Sir for keeping yourself available for all the closeness kitten wants and used to be too nervous to ask for it.

Thank You, Sir for always be ready to help, like with the moving and drilling holes to walls at the new kitten’s lair. 😛

Thank You, Sir, last but not least, for being You; whimsical, unpredictable, predictable, forgetful but really hard to be mad at, always ready to help, the nicest person in the world, cute especially when grumpy, delectably adorable, funny as hell and so very smart.

And in order to thank You, kitten will continue to try her best to adore you, make you laugh, take care of you whenever you let her, and help and support you in every way. ^^

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Kinky Sex Survival Guide – Level 4

Kuvahaun tulos haulle bdsm watersportsAh, my young padawan, you’re back and ready for more of my lessons. XD Level 4 is the last post of this mini-series, and in this I gathered everything super kinky. So what is kinky, at least in my opinion? For me, it had always been about the mental aspect of things, never the physical part. It doesn’t need to necessary hurt at all, but you would rarely see these things done in the vanilla bedroom because they can be hard to swallow (pun intended 😛 ). One word can sum up the theme of the following kinks: humiliation. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about sex, but it has its place in the kinky community, especially for those who are in the Dominant/submissive relationship. So if the things in this level 4 list turns you and your partner on, I welcome thee, to the colorful world of BDSM. 😉

In all seriousness though, methods of humiliation should never be taken lightly as they can give birth to some serious mental damage. If even the mere idea of any of these create stress or other worries, couples should talk it out. On one hand, these are clearly not for everything, not everyone gets aroused from humiliation, pain or adrenalin. On the other hand, kink can be one way to make you let go of unnecessary timidness and self-consciousness. If that’s the case, long and open conversations need to be had as to why these are a no-no. Is it because they don’t sound arousing, or is it because they sound scary for one reason or another. If yes, then what is that reason? And if after a thorough conversation and mutual consent and will to try these out, remember to start slow. Again, I have to remind the importance of the safeword. Never ignore the safeword, and stop immediately when the safeword is uttered. Or use a method my Dom used with me in the beginning when He was just getting to know me and my limits. He gagged me so He told me before we got down to it that He would keep checking on whether I was okay by holding my hand and squeezing it once. And if I was okay to keep going, I was to squeeze back gently. But if I wanted to stop, I was to squeeze back really hard. And I’m quite sure that if I would have hesitated on squeezing back right away, He would have paused long enough to really make sure I was okay. That’s the responsibility of Dominants and Tops and Masters, in addition to respecting the submissive/bottom and the safeword, they also have to know how to read their partner. But the latter will be built slowly and in time, so remember to be patient.

A little cautionary tale before we start with the list. If you’re read other posts here, you might know that I used to hate anal sex, and it’s mostly due to my ex who loves anal sex. In addition to being impatient with the foreplay and stretching that is required with anything anal, he would also ignore my urging for him to go slower. He was vanilla and so was I when I was still with him, we didn’t have any safeword procedure. But you would imagine that ‘go slower’ or even ‘stop’ would have been enough but no. The pain from anal wasn’t the worst thing, it was the strong sense of disrespect that I felt. His reasoning was that it felt too good to stop, and the fact that I probably wouldn’t give any anal anytime soon so he had to at least come. Yup. No wonder I was traumatized when it comes to anal, or vanilla sex in general. The first time I used my safeword with my Dom, seeing Him drop everything He was doing and tending to me and making sure that I was okay, it meant a lot to me. Because I would never feel unsure with Him, because I know for a fact that I am His priority even when I’m gagged and bound and He would never ignore my safeword just because it feels too good to stop. And because of that, He made me never want to stop, He made me take much more of everything, pain, pleasure, humiliation, than I ever imagined I can.

Alright, enough stories. Here comes the kinky list! 😉

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