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Feel Good Flicks to Brighten Your Day

As promised on last Wednesday’s How to Survive Down Time post, here’s a list of movies and TV shows that got me into a good mood after watching them. Stories that would make me cry, laugh and feeling cheerful and/or hopeful. There are movies from different genres, not just comedies but I guess all of them made me laugh and laugh and cry at the same time. I literally went through over 1 500 movies that I’ve watched to hand pick the following list of 30. I’m just going to write a couple of words about them, keeping it short and sweet since it is a pretty long list. I hope you enjoy. Okay, here we go.

1. Going in Style (2017)
It’s a simple movie with a simple plot but includes three charismatic actors to deliver some surprisingly funny scenes. Of course, they kept it classy. Kinda makes you miss your grandpa.

2. Paul (2011)
Paul is the ET for me as ET was for most people. I didn’t like ET, but I very much liked Paul. 😛

3. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)
It’s really a nice thought that dogs get to reincarnate from life to life to brighten different people’s lives. Hilarious narration with cheesy tear-jerker moments for all dog-lovers out there.

4. Captain Fantastic (2016)
Weirdly satisfying and fill you up with wonder about living off the grid. Not that I would ever be able to unless I was raised by a dad like Captain Fantastic.

5. Swiss Army Man (2016)
There’s a reason why the indie movie circle periodically delivers us gems because I can’t imagine any big movie studio giving this crazy idea a go. Thank God for indie flicks, Swiss Army Man will be one of the best movies you’ve ever seen. I wrote a mini review about it earlier, read more here.

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Submission on a Break – How to Survive the Down Time

Kuvahaun tulos haulle lazy catI’ve written about sub drops before. It’s this depression-like state that’s basically an endorphin crash that might occur after a particularly rough session. If you are interested in that topic, I’ve actually written a little survival guide about sub drops, you can read it here. But today I’m here to talk about the down time, when submission is on a break, at least the physical kind. An observant reader of this blog might have noticed that there had been less writings on kinky Wednesdays lately. Of course, I’ve been busy with restaurant work and such to have any mood to write anything, but it has been going on longer than that. I believe these so-called down time are not unusual with 24/7 D/s relationships. Reasons can be many, in my case it’s Sir Atticus having job related things on His mind or otherwise just not in the mood. One of the challenges of a D/s relationship is that one has to be in a certain headspace to commit, especially the one in the dominating role. A distracted Dominant is just bad news. I guess it’s equally possible for submissives to have off periods when submission doesn’t come naturally, work stress being one of them. Personally I have such a special relationship with submission that I can’t really see myself ever not be in the mood mentally. Physically sure, when I’m having a migraine or a high fever. I’m not the kind to stress about work, I might dread it but not stress about it that much. And when it comes to stress releasing, nothing quite beats a good spanking. 😛 In other words, for me submission is a cure for almost anything.

So, what are the symptoms of the down time? I would get restless, irritated at Aiheeseen liittyvä kuvaeverything and everyone, lazy, bratty, mood-swingy, self-conscious, self-doubting, paranoid… just overall a shittier version of my usual self. I strongly dislike myself when I get like that, like today was such a day that those symptoms bugged the hell out of me. I decided to build a system to fight those negative symptoms because I’m all for constant self-development. 😛 And I hope it would be helpful for my fellow subbies too, and why not my other readers who get those same ‘symptoms’ from entirely different reasons.  The big theme here is distraction. Here’s my top 10 how to survive down time:

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The Oscars 2017


Alright. The Oscars 2017. *sigh* What a mess. I guess by now you are so over everything about the Oscars because of the disastrous last five minutes with the envelope incident. But how about the rest of the show? Well, it was fucking awesome. Actually, it was the best Oscars gala I’ve ever seen. And we have our host Jimmy Kimmel to thank for that.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle the oscars jimmy kimmelI’ve never had a strong opinion about Jimmy Kimmel. He was one of the late night hosts, I like him okay, I’m not subscribed to his Youtube channel. I actually thought he’s just reading the jokes written for him, in that dry humor kind of way of his, and to be honest a bit boring. But when he was announced as the Oscar host, I got to see a new side of him when he went on different talk shows. He’s actually funny and has wit so quick that you really need to pay attention to catch the joke. And he delivers all that with a poker face. Also, I like some regular sections of his show, like the mean tweets and interviewing tourists outside his studio. Jimmy Kimmel impressed me deeply already in his opening monologue. I was sure there were going to be a lot about the politics and Trump, but he did it quite well. He poked jokes at the Oscars, at Mel Gibson, Scientology, Trump, etc. And then bringing back his decade-long play fight with Matt Damon and the whole show was full of roasting. And all the jokes about race issues, brilliant! My ultimate favorite joke of his during the monologue was about Moonlight, that how of all the best picture nominees, the only happy ending was in the middle of the movie Moonlight. In case you haven’t seen the movie, he was indicating about a scene where the teenage male lead got off on the beach. Don’t worry, judging from the little laugh Kimmel got out of that joke, not many other people have watched the best picture of 2017 either. And Kimmel was quick to point it out. 😛

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