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Is That A Thing? – Anal Hooks

Aaaand we’re back with the naughty stuff! This time, it’s all about the little metal hook. I have to admit, if nothing else, anal hooks enable some pretty stunning photos. They actually remind me of a Dom I’ve chatted with a long time ago, back when I was still looking for Doms. He was really into anal hooks, and it might be just that that made me a wee bit hesitant to meet up with him in person, because I used to hate anything anal. But then again, it’s also timing, because twice when he was like ‘let’s meet up’, I was already involved with another Dom.

So anal hooks, after I no longer hate anal, I do have to wonder what took me so long to venture into actually trying it. I remember, not long ago, when Sir Atticus presented his new toy to me, a simply one ball anal hook, I felt a tinge of excitement mixed with fear. Because anal hooks always involve some pretty intense looking bondage. And I was a little worried that my long hair would be too slippery for tying up. Some time passed and I managed to forget all about the hook, until one nice evening when I found myself tied up standing on my tippy toes, my wrists tied up leather cuffs to the ceiling hook, when Sir whispered the words all subbies would always equally love and dread to hear at the same time: “Oh, I got an idea.” Especially when you are a little tied up.

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Kinkster’s Guide for Better Sex

Recently, I came upon this little list that was titled “10 reasons masturbation is better than sex“. It’s written by a woman, and my first reaction after reading the list is “oh guuuurl, you’ve been having some shitty sex”. 😛 And just yesterday I watched a silly Youtube video about celebrities who are allegedly bad in bed and the two main issues causing complains were the size and laziness. And recent studies indicated that millennials are having less sex and I can’t but wonder why. In this age and time, when all the knowledge for a good sex life is basically on the tips of everyone’s hands, with Internet and every cosmopolitan-like magazines giving out step by step guides, shouldn’t people be having more sex than ever? Since it should be that good? On the other hand, when was the last time any Cosmopolitan sex guide was actually useful?

Say what you will about us kinksters, us submissives and Dominants, Mistresses and Masters, sadists and masochists, littles and Daddys/Mommys, pets and Owners, the endless list goes on, one thing we do know how to do, and that is have some fucking awesome sex. So what is our secret? 😛 No, it’s not the whips and chains. The awesomeness of our sex lives aren’t built on equipment and pain and rules and punishment. Well, not just on them. 😉 With myself just recently came over to the dark side and given up on vanilla sex altogether, I can clearly see certain things that I wasn’t doing when vanilla sex was all that I had. I am not saying that these are going to apply on everyone, but I’m here to help. 😛 It’s written for fun, and if some of these ‘tips’ actually helps, then what’s better than that, right? I’m not trying to make you have kinky sex, if that’s not your thing, although we do hand out trophies for each person we turn onto the dark side. XD So here we go, a kinkter’s guide for better sex.

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A Story of Pain and Pleasure, part 1

New toys. Sitting on the bed, He was showing her new toys He bought abroad with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning. New wrist cuffs that are meant for bondage standing up, new flogger with fragrant leather, a wider but smaller gag that fit her small mouth and a stunning red and black spreader bar among other things. The last thing He showed her was a pretty red and black collar. Like all the other toy, He put the collar around her neck and attached the leash to the beautiful collar. He sat back a little to admire His property. She started to get a little hot with the leather collar on her neck, but from whole another reason than the temperature in the room. He took hold of the leash and yanked gently but insistently, so her focus shifted from admiring the toys to Him. “Now suck my cock,” she heard Him say.

She immediately scooted down the bed and started to loosen His belt and take off His jeans and boxer shorts and socks, she missed the taste of her Dom’s cock badly. With her hands resting obediently on the bed, she only used her mouth to take His cock in her mouth. It felt hard and big, bigger than she remembered. As she went up and down the length she could feel Him tugging at the leash guiding her head. She started to get aroused from being in a leash and from the cock worshiping. He let her served Him for a while, then she felt Him pulling the leash upward, and she reluctantly let go of His cock. He pulled her in close for a slow kiss. When He pulled away and before she had fully recovered from the kiss, a hard slap landed on her left cheek followed closely by slaps on both cheeks. She gasped from surprised at the first one and moaned when a particularly hard one landed. Both of her cheeks felt like they were on fire. After He was done, for now, He pulled her in for a kiss again before unhooking the leash and telling her to take off all her clothes.

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