Jukebox Friday

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

It’s Friday! Working from home today, but basically my Christmas holiday starts in a couple of hours! To celebrate that, let’s get at least one Christmas song in. I’m not a fan of Christmas songs, in fact, I can hardly stand 98% of them. But this one piece is my all time favorite, the original ‘Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kitt. That lady got some sultry voice. I got an album of hers and it’s one of my favorite albums. They just don’t make music like that anymore. So enjoy, get into some Christmas spirit. I for one can’t wait for the year 2018 to begin. I have lots of big plans and goals and one of them is be very active on this little blog. I’ve been shit at updating this autumn, I know, but that’s all about to change! For now, happy Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Foodie's Counter

Foodporn Monday – Duck, sandwich, salmon and ham

Happy Boxing Day! Yet another kinky advent calendar done and we’re back with the new regular schedule. There probably will be a post for every day this week just because there are so much catching up to do, but after this week, I wouldn’t guarantee a daily post. It’s Boxing Day but also a Monday, and Mondays are reserved for foodporn entirely. First Foodporn Monday, here we go.


The Delicious Duck.ย Every time I eat duck, I have to wonder why on earth I don’t have it more often. My parents are very good at cooking a whole duck, my dad’s specialty is the traditional Cantonese roasted duck and it’s a rare treat. My mom’s masterpiece is the sweet and sour duck stew, and that is also a rare treat. So in front of my parent’s masterpieces, it’s understandable why I don’t cook it myself. But then I got a craving, so I got myself two fat piece of duck beast with the glorious skin still attached. Just in case, I followed the steps of Gordon Ramsay’s simple recipe of duck breast.ย The man is not only my favorite dirty mouth celebrity chef, his recipes are one of my favorites. They might not be for beginners cos chef Ramsay already expects you know the basics of cooking, thus his recipes are short and to the point. Anyways, the duck breasts turned out delicious. And I didn’t waste that heavenly duck fat, I cooked couscous in it. And then some stir-fried green beans and paprika plus grilled carrots (which taste like sweet potatoes). And because I was so tired for making all of that, I just warmed up some red wine sauce from the carton. And this combination is crazy good. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Is That a Thing? · Kinky Dungeon

Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

Rough Vaginal Sex


Welcome to Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! You made it! It’s Christmas Day! And heeeeeere is my number one favorite fetish of the year, the rough vaginal sex, and to put it nicely and lady-like: good old pussy fucking. XD I know, I’m super boring. But let me explain myself first.

So let’s start with my penis size. Relax, I’m a girl, I was born as one too, but I believe that girls have their own penis size, ours is just inward. So basically the size of our pussies. And I’ve been around, having different sizes, I concluded that my ‘penis size’ is 18 cm (roughly 7 inches). And that means, if a guy has an 18 cm or longer penis, it’s going to be too big for me. It’s not like I can’t take a bigger than 18 cm penis, it’s simply not comfortable when in most positions, the cock would hit ‘the wall’ inside, and it gets very very uncomfortable. Not painful, not pleasurable, uncomfortable like when your bones aches just before you are about to get a fever. And because in the different time of the month, my vagina would be tighter or drier, so a penis bigger than my size is just not ideal. The girth is of course important too, but as long as it’s not too thick (when my thumb and index fingers can’t touch when I wrap them around the hard cock, it’s too thick). Cos with different positions, you can adjust how tight your vagina is.

So why am I explaining all this, you ask? Well, Sir Atticus happens to be have a 17,5 cm long penis when hard. So when I say that His is the perfect size for me, I’m not joking or kissing ass. He might not believe no matter how many times I tell Him. And because of His perfect size, it basically means He can fuck me as hard and as fast as He desires in most position, and it would never be uncomfortable for me. And because of His perfect size, He very often hits and rubs against spots in my vagina that I’m not even aware of, and I’ve never been able to climax as easily or have full body orgasms before Him. In certain positions, like the doggy style, I would often feel His strokes in my whole body and goosebumps would break out all over me. It’s one of the most amazing feelings.

So. While rough vaginal sex might not be the kinkiest fetish ever, and strictly speaking it can’t even be called a fetish… well, maybe His cock is my own personal fetish. ๐Ÿ˜› I never get tired of the feeling of His cock in my pussy, and even when I’m a bit on the dry side due to period or just being tired, it doesn’t take much to make me wet in a jiffy. All He needs to do is to thrust His cock in me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And with that image,ย hope you have a happy Christmas! And thank you for joining me on this year’s kinky advent calendar. ๐Ÿ™‚