Jukebox Friday

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

I’m a big fan of my girl Selena Gomez. She pretty much is the perfect specimen of my dream girl: girlie, sexy, tiny, extremely adorable inside and out, and she just looks like a little pocket-sized pint of pure fun. And she seemed to have found her own style in music and it’s always young, fresh and has a mighty hook that gets under your skin slowly but surely. Here’s her newest single Bad Liar, I can’t wait for her new album. Happy Mid-Summer!

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Jukebox Friday

Liability – Lorde

Dear Lorde, you are such a spectacularly strange creature. Sometimes she’s a little too weird for me, but then few of her songs, they would have me on my knees, because they touch some part inside of me. I think that’s the magic of Lorde, she’s all kinds of extreme. And you either love her like crazy or you couldn’t care less, and you can be both at the same time. After her wildly successful first single ‘Royal’, she’s now back with her second album ‘Melodrama’. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the whole album yet. Another thing with Lorde’s music is that it really requires time to digest. I’m currently still digesting ‘Liability’, and I love it. It’s really short, but the lyrics… I guess they would tug and pull at the heart strings of all the beautiful little freaks out there, including me. Just know this, for the right person, you would never be a liability, or too much.

I know, a bit melancholy for the weekend. In case you wanna get into the groove, I recommend another Lorde song, a slightly older one. Happy Friday!

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