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Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

Rough Vaginal Sex


Welcome to Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! You made it! It’s Christmas Day! And heeeeeere is my number one favorite fetish of the year, the rough vaginal sex, and to put it nicely and lady-like: good old pussy fucking. XD I know, I’m super boring. But let me explain myself first.

So let’s start with my penis size. Relax, I’m a girl, I was born as one too, but I believe that girls have their own penis size, ours is just inward. So basically the size of our pussies. And I’ve been around, having different sizes, I concluded that my ‘penis size’ is 18 cm (roughly 7 inches). And that means, if a guy has an 18 cm or longer penis, it’s going to be too big for me. It’s not like I can’t take a bigger than 18 cm penis, it’s simply not comfortable when in most positions, the cock would hit ‘the wall’ inside, and it gets very very uncomfortable. Not painful, not pleasurable, uncomfortable like when your bones aches just before you are about to get a fever. And because in the different time of the month, my vagina would be tighter or drier, so a penis bigger than my size is just not ideal. The girth is of course important too, but as long as it’s not too thick (when my thumb and index fingers can’t touch when I wrap them around the hard cock, it’s too thick). Cos with different positions, you can adjust how tight your vagina is.

So why am I explaining all this, you ask? Well, Sir Atticus happens to be have a 17,5 cm long penis when hard. So when I say that His is the perfect size for me, I’m not joking or kissing ass. He might not believe no matter how many times I tell Him. And because of His perfect size, it basically means He can fuck me as hard and as fast as He desires in most position, and it would never be uncomfortable for me. And because of His perfect size, He very often hits and rubs against spots in my vagina that I’m not even aware of, and I’ve never been able to climax as easily or have full body orgasms before Him. In certain positions, like the doggy style, I would often feel His strokes in my whole body and goosebumps would break out all over me. It’s one of the most amazing feelings.

So. While rough vaginal sex might not be the kinkiest fetish ever, and strictly speaking it can’t even be called a fetish… well, maybe His cock is my own personal fetish. πŸ˜› I never get tired of the feeling of His cock in my pussy, and even when I’m a bit on the dry side due to period or just being tired, it doesn’t take much to make me wet in a jiffy. All He needs to do is to thrust His cock in me. πŸ˜‰

And with that image,Β hope you have a happy Christmas! And thank you for joining me on this year’s kinky advent calendar. πŸ™‚

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Day 24 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

Kitten Play


Welcome to Day 24 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! And here’s the runner-up, kitten play. I don’t know if it can be counted as a fetish cos even if I have a pretty kitten tail, I’ve never worn the full kitten gear when I’m with Sir Atticus. πŸ˜€ But I guess it’s the role I love to take. He calls me kitten, I show the side of me I’ve never shown anyone when I’m with Him. I’ve talked about troubles I have of asking for affection, part of my submissiveness, but being a kitten allows me to be… clingy and touchy feely, I guess. πŸ˜› I love receiving scratches on my neck, I love hugs and kisses. It means the world to me to have someone who allows me to be as affectionate as I want to be, someone who allows me to express me gooey soft center, and someone who thinks that some of my odd behaviors to be cute. Well He does also think I’m a lunatic too sometimes, but us cats would never be as crazy as cat-owners. πŸ˜›

A fun fact about me that I want to think it’s because I have a feline side. I like to follow. Whether it be in the house or outside, I like to follow. In the house, I would subconsciously follow, especially to the toilet. Hahaha, I always think it’s funny when real cat-owners complain how they would never get any privacy cos their cats follow them to the bathroom and watch them pee. Cos I do that too, if that peeing person would let me. XD Of course, that only applies to when I’m with someone intimately, I do not follow my friends when they go to the toilet. And outside the house, I enjoy more walking slightly behind my partner, I do not like to lead. It makes me feel unsafe and restless. I remember still how my ex disliked me always following. I never quite understood why he disliked it so much. He would point it out to me sometimes out of annoyance and make me very self-conscious cos most of the time I’m not even aware of that. And sometimes he would force me to walk in front of him, and it would upset me and stress me out a lot, especially if we are in a crowded and/or unfamiliar environment. He said it was to make me more independent. Little did he know that being the only child, more independence was never what I needed, it was affection. And before this Christmas Eve post turns into a pity party, I just want to thank You, Sir, for never attempting to make this kitten do or be anything she doesn’t want to. *blows kisses*

Tomorrow, my ultimate fetish of the year,Β on Christmas Day, Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016.

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Day 23 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

Breath Play


Welcome to Day 23 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! And then there were three. On the third place, breath play. All kinds of breath play. Whether it be choking by hand, by belt, by rope, or mouth and nose covered by hand or other objects, they all feel amazing.

I’m not sure since when I discovered liking being suffocated in one way or another during sex, it might have something to do with the natural reflex to hold my breath whenever I’m close to climaxing. And it had slowly evolved into a cause and effect kind of thing. Because my body associate the lack of oxygen with orgasms, cutting the air would result in intense pleasure for me. And different ways of breath play would result in different kind of pleasure and other sensations. My personal favorite is the traditional choking by hand. It blocks most of the air but a little bit still escapes through the mouth. Done correctly, it sometimes would make me light-headed and I would lose sensation on my limbs but whatever is being done to me on my lady parts, the sensations down there would intensify tenfold. And when my throat is freed, letting me take a big gulp of air, feelings returning to every fiber of my body, it’s one of the best feelings in the world and sometimes I might get very close to climaxing just from that. The choking from belt or rope is a little similar to choking by hand, except the process is way faster, and sometimes I like to savor it more. I do feel more vulnerable with something around my neck.

Then there is the covering of my nose and mouth with hand or other object. It’s a completely different feeling. It blocks oxygen completely, thus making me want to struggle against it that much faster. Cos no stealing even a tiny bit of air. And it must have something to do with the way it’s done, seeing the hand or object covering your face, I would start panicking despite me knowing that I’m perfectly safe. It’s the feel of the pressure that would make me go crazy. There’s no gentle light-headedness, this method is way more brutal and raw, and turns me on from different reasons entirely. It sounds weird even to me, but I like that Sir makes me struggle.

There is another way of breath play, and that’s deep-throating. I’m not sure does it count as breath play, but I sure can’t breathe when some skull fucking action is going on. Whenever the penis goes deep enough down my throat, I wouldn’t be able to breath, but fortunately penises are designed to want to go in and out and when it’s out, it gives me a second to take a breathe. But when throat fucking is intense enough, especially when Sir is about to come, it gets so fast and deep that I would stop breathing altogether as a safety measure to prevent from gagging at this crucial timing. This form of breath play is all about surrendering and the need to please Him.

Last but not least, something that I got a little taste of once, but I hope I would get to try more some day, and that’s breath play involving water and drowning sensations. I got a little taste once when Sir and I went to shower together. He put my face under the shower head, and although it wasn’t a total submerge under the water, it still managed to intensify the feeling of His cock going in and out of me from behind. And the sense of drowning combines the two methods mentioned above. It’s gentle and focus my feelings on my lady parts, at the same time it feels raw and unyielding and makes me want to panic and struggle just a bit. I imagine when the day comes where we get to have our ways with a bathtub and He gets to dunk my head into the water while fucking me from behind, I believe all of me would just explode from sensory overload. I’m looking for that day. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow, something attention hungry and purring,Β on Christmas Eve, Day 24 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016.