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Is That A Thing? – Anal Hooks

Aaaand we’re back with the naughty stuff! This time, it’s all about the little metal hook. I have to admit, if nothing else, anal hooks enable some pretty stunning photos. They actually remind me of a Dom I’ve chatted with a long time ago, back when I was still looking for Doms. He was really into anal hooks, and it might be just that that made me a wee bit hesitant to meet up with him in person, because I used to hate anything anal. But then again, it’s also timing, because twice when he was like ‘let’s meet up’, I was already involved with another Dom.

So anal hooks, after I no longer hate anal, I do have to wonder what took me so long to venture into actually trying it. I remember, not long ago, when Sir Atticus presented his new toy to me, a simply one ball anal hook, I felt a tinge of excitement mixed with fear. Because anal hooks always involve some pretty intense looking bondage. And I was a little worried that my long hair would be too slippery for tying up. Some time passed and I managed to forget all about the hook, until one nice evening when I found myself tied up standing on my tippy toes, my wrists tied up leather cuffs to the ceiling hook, when Sir whispered the words all subbies would always equally love and dread to hear at the same time: “Oh, I got an idea.” Especially when you are a little tied up.

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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 9 – The Leather Paddle

Aaaand Kinky Wednesday is back. 🙂 There had been a while that I wrote a new part for the spanko series here. Maybe you thought that I ran out of spanking instruments to write about, but of course that’s not the case. I’m here to talk about leather paddles today. Funny enough, this what some might consider a beginner’s spanking instrument, for some reason I’ve never tried it. My first fascination when it comes to spanking instruments was the cane, so sometimes I wonder whether I got it all backwards. You know, I started from the most severe of them all (and absolutely hated it right from the beginning). Then moved to crops being my favorite (still are, but for me to wield). I like to use crops because the extra length does damage without me even using much force. And of course, I don’t have much force to use being small. But then Sir Atticus came along and He prefers shorter instruments, like the belt, the brush and now His new favorite, the leather paddle.

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The Claiming of a Submissive

Like I’ve mentioned in last Wednesday’s post, I started a reading task. I was to read one chapter a day from the Sleeping Beauty trilogy written by Anne Rice. They are advertised being dark and erotic, some put them into the hardcore BDSM category. Around I week ago I began reading the first book, ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty‘. Or it’s a reread for me, cos I’ve read it back in 2011 summer, way before I began dipping my own toes in the water of BDSM. So I expected the reading experience to be quite different and I was right. I recognize the fetishes, the gestures and the importance of training a submissive and a slave, the lessons in submission and surrender, and tasks to chip away the pride and ego, the significance of repetition. All that I thought was odd or made me feel uncomfortable the last time I read the first book, they would now make me smirk a little. The only thing that made me uneasy was Sleeping Beauty’s involuntary slaving. She didn’t choose to be a slave, she was claimed by the Prince and offered by her own parents for slave training. Of course, this is only fiction, and it is set in the time gone by, during which castles and kings and slaves were everyday life. It still feels odd sometimes, while some pages would so strongly reflect my own feelings and musings when interacting with Dominants, but then some sentences would remind me that this is basically a story of kidnapping and a text-book case of Stockholm Syndrome. I’m going to write book reviews in more details later. Today I’m here to talk about the feelings, memories and thoughts that the Sleeping Beauty awaken in me. Feelings, memories and thoughts about pride, ego, humiliation and a lesson in surrender.

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