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Is That a Thing? – Wartenberg Wheel

In the beginning of my BDSM journey, I joined Fetlife and was looking around for pictures. It didn’t take long to come across this little nasty looking instrument used mostly on sensory play, prickly little thing called Wartenberg wheel. I don’t really have a thing for needles, but either am I afraid of them. I mean I was planning to get a tattoo this summer. But for some reasons the Wartenberg wheel terrifies me. I imagined the sensation to be more about the fear of what it can do than actual pain. But still, I was determined to stay away from the little torture device. I would keep quiet about it and hope that Doms I play with wouldn’t have one on hand. I did not put the wheel in my hard limits, or even soft ones, cos however unpleasant I imagine it to be, it wouldn’t cross my limits.

Well, I kinda got lucky, cos Wartenberg wheels aren’t that popular here in Finland. Or I just hadn’t come into contact with Doms who are really into sensory play. And I didn’t feel the need to bring the wheel up in any conversation. 😛 Then I met Sir Atticus, who is actually quite different from the Doms I used to play with. He is still in the discovering stage, like being at a buffet for the first time, and on your first round, you gotta try everything before settling on things you really like. 😉 And some Doms with years of experience, some of them tend to have their go-to dishes at the buffet, they know what they like and not many are willing to try out new stuff on the menu. Although that is also a personality trait. Cos I believe that even ten years from now, Sir Atticus is the kind who would still get excited about new dishes at the buffet. I am very glad that I found a Dom like Him, because I am a very versatile buffet. XD Okay before I get too hungry talking about food and buffets, let’s get back to the instrument at hand.

That one Wednesday when Sir Atticus took away nearly all of my senses, I was introduced to the Wartenberg wheel for the first time. I was still blindfolded, gagged and my ears blocked. Then suddenly I felt something cold and sharp on my skin, creating tiny prickly sensations along my body as that something cold and sharp moved up and down my naked skin. I almost immediately realized it must be the wheel that I’ve been avoiding for so long. I wasn’t sure though, and the uncertainty made it more scary. Not many things are cold and sharp. Although it did not hurt that much at first, not seeing the thing or knowing where it would go next had me squirming like crazy. I had to correct what I said in the beginning, I have a strong dislike of needles when I can see it penetrating my skin, like getting blood tests, or vaccines, and I hated the needles poking fingertips to get a little blood sample when I was a kid. Sir didn’t press hard to even leave a mark, not talking about breaking the skin, but the fear of the wheel doing it, the mental picture, it was enough to send me panicking a little. And it was annoying just a little less than enough for me to even consider to safe out.

The moment I really felt the wheel was half way during that same session, when I was tied to a table and my skin was super sensitive from wax play, I felt the wheel rolling on me once again. But this time even from the smallest pressure, it felt like it ripped open my skin like a knife. Almost like a very long paper cut without the sting, cos the wheel didn’t break the skin. But it sure as hell felt like it did. Basically I felt like a pizza being dissected with a pizza cutter. I strongly dislike the sensation it created, mostly because I was scared of the thing. Which means the little wheel of evil has since become one of Sir’s favorite thing. He actually broke the first one pretty quickly, and I almost thought I would get a little break from the thing, but within a week He got a new one, a much more sturdier and sharper one. *shudder* I guess there is no escaping, anytime soon, the torture device that is Wartenberg wheel.


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