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Top 10 WTF things of Hentai

Hello and welcome to Kinky Wednesday. 🙂 Sir Atticus and I have a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship, but it’s less intense that you might imagine. I do have a couple of tasks to keep me in check during the week, like exercising and some kind of orgasm and masturbation control. Lately it had been edging every way. I was to edge aka masturbate till I almost climax then pull back and I had to do it three times every day. And I’m one of those who watch porn when I masturbate (how I envy the younger me for whom only naughty imagination was enough). So edging daily also meant watching a LOT of porn. And I have different phases when it comes to porn and it had been my hentai phase for a while now. I don’t usually look for any certain kind of hentai porn,

Hentai – which literally means weird and strange things is also known to be pornographic Japanese animation. Also known as the infamous tentacle porn. But that’s just one little sub-genre of hentai. I don’t usually look for any certain kind of hentai porn, I actually quite enjoy the fact that hentai can surprise the shit out of me by being so so weird, even when I’m not looking for it. And because the recent bountiful consumption of hentai, I started to notice some reoccurring what-the-fuck things that obviously seem to tickle Japanese people’s fancy. So here I am, listing ten WTF things that you would run into when watching hentai. And I left out some obvious sub-genres out like above mentioned tentacle porn, or anything goru (meaning combining hardcore gore and sex). I gathered these characteristic from so-called normal hentai episodes. I mean, if you could ever called hentai normal. 😀

1. Iku! Iku! (I’m cumming)

Kuvahaun tulos haulle hentai orgasmNo matter how unwillingly the girl succumb to sex (consent, or the lack thereof, is one of the big things in hentai, or any Japanese porn), she would end up climaxing anyway. I don’t think Japanese have any idea of how female orgasms work. There might be a small percentage of kinksters out there who would get extremely aroused from being forced upon, but that’s definitely rare. So making it as it’s an everyday thing, to get off on being raped, and having that theme in almost every hentai clip, it does earn a spot in this list, cos it’s truly quite twisted.

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Foodporn Monday – curry, pesto and hamburgers

*pretending it’s Monday* I hope you have a fantastic start of the week. Let’s jump right in cos the food situation was awesome last week.

For lunch meal prep last week, I made Panang curry with meatballs, green beans, and butternut squash. I found some black rice ramen noodles from the supermarket and I figured it would taste good with curry. And they did taste pretty good. And what a lovely dark violet color, almost black. They were also bouncy in texture right away when I ate them after cooking, but I knew they might stick together later on, so I added a generous amount of sesame oil. They still kinda did stick together but not that much. Don’t forget to rinse under cold running water too after cooking. I bet they would be quite delicious as cold noodles in the summer then, can’t wait to try it out. The Panang curry I got back on my Whole30 month from a store that sells organic stuff, and the sauce paste tasted pretty bland. I’m not a big fan of Panang curry anyways. But for me curry is like pizza, even when it’s just okay, it’s still good. To add some contrast color to make the lunch box even more appetizing, I sprinkled some green onions on top and threw in a few cherry tomatoes and voila! 😛

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