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Purging Diary, part 1

So the purge begins! 😀 I’m going to try and remember taking before and after pictures of spots that I purged at my apartment. In addition to that, I’m going to count the number of items that I get rid of one way or another.

I began with an item group that surely is my weakness – cookbooks. I counted, I actually have forty cookbooks. FORTY! Jeez. No one needs forty cookbooks. I actually keep my faves in the kitchen, but those that I don’t keep in the kitchen, I went through them all. So I ended up selecting 14 books that I’m going to get rid of. I simply sent the pic to everyone I know and I managed to get rid of all but three. Probably going to donate the rest. There are still too many left but some of them I actually want to read and have it as a kitchen table book. I’m sure there is going to be a second round to the cookbook purging but this time around, I am quite happy with the progress. And maybe I should justify me keeping the books by actually making one recipe from each book, now that I’m stuck inside with so much time to make each meal from scratch. Total items purged: 14.

Let’s move on. And then comes my cleaning closet, which is so fucking messy and full that I couldn’t even make my vacuum cleaning fit, so I had to keep it in the leaving room in the corner and I absolutely hated it. I’m one of those who believes that every item should have a home in the house, and that is really the key to keeping a tidy place. In other words, my vacuum cleaner has been homeless for as long as I’ve owned it, and it was time to do some cleaning out. I threw away bags, empty containers and half-empty boxes and simply moved things around into an order that makes sense and doesn’t require me to get a ladder. I am short so I usually keep higher cabinets empty. I emptied so much stuff out that I got my vacuum cleaner to fit inside the cleaning closet, where it belongs. ❤ Couldn’t be happier. Total items purged: 26.

Next was the little cabinet above my cookbook shelf, which is actually a shelf designed for the microwave. But since I got L shape kitchen counters, I got myself a round microwave that’s designed for corners – which is usually a dead space. Anyways, I got rid of a bagful of junk, mostly accessories and lids for dozens of take-out cups and such and I haven’t touched the bag since I moved, so I don’t think I would need any of them. Total items purged: 32. 

And then onto my cooking oils, vinegar etc cabinet. I threw away spices and sauces that had expired and moved things to the front in the middle shelf so I can reach them easily. I managed to elevate the middle shelf slightly so that on the bottom shelf I can fit tall bottles of vinegars, oils and soy sauce. Now they make a lot more sense and I don’t have to keep tall bottles in somewhere else. There were so many pouches of expired spices hiding in higher shelves that I didn’t even remember I had. Total items purged: 25.

30 Day Challenges · Healthy Corner

April Challenge – Daily Purging

When I say purging, I don’t mean the movie franchise type of purge. XD The slightly more boring one – which is basically cleaning up my apartment while I literally don’t have anything better to do. I had some strong hoarder tendencies and accumulated a fantastical amount of crap in my short existence. But I am reformed! I am saved! And now I am an aspiring essentialist who desperately attempts to rid herself of everything non-essentials. I did one round of my kitchen, bathroom, desk and wardrobe already but there are still a lot of spots left. And I try to not overwhelm myself so I planned out only one spot to purge per day. And hopefully after 30 days, I would feel that much better as an essentialist. So, I will take photos and try remember to document my progress and also count the amount of things I get rid of. I will try and give away things to friends and family, sell some stuff that I think would be worth something and the rest I would try to donate if possible. I would try and throw away as little stuff as possible, it’s not my goal to waste things. I shall post an update here once a week. That’s all. 😀 Wish me luck!

30 Day Challenges · Healthy Corner

March Challenge Summary – Daily Writing

Wow, what a difference one month makes… So, in March, I wrote 21 blog posts so not exactly writing every day. The beginning of the month it looked really promising but then all this quarantine business kinda had me a little stressed, to say the least and I wasn’t exactly in the creative mood. But I do think that this March challenge did its job at getting me back in the groove of writing regularly and I’m glad. I didn’t write in my journal, not even once. XD I’m actually thinking of a 30-day journaling challenge at some point, maybe when I actually have something more exciting in my life happening, you know, due to the pandemic that’s going on.

I did watch a lot of TV and movies until I realized that this is the new normal for at least a few months so I better reset a new daily schedule with even stricter discipline than my regular everyday life. Cos otherwise, I’m 99% sure I would go crazy. As an extrovert, many of my friends checked up on me to see if I’m doing alright. And I guess even I myself am amazed at how well I’m doing mentally. I guess it’s due to my insanely disciplined schedule I’ve created for myself and a part of me is even excited that I get to stick to it without such disturbances as social events. XD Gods, I’m so going to die alone but most importantly, I really don’t think I mind it at all. 😀 Not saying I’m going to become a hermit or anything, trust me when I say that I would be more than happy to return to my busy af social life but I guess after being super active for almost two years straight in the kinky scene and such, I am in need of a break more than I realize. I didn’t exactly wish it occurring in the form of a pandemic, but I am extremely grateful that I am in the position to somewhat enjoy it and trying my best not to stress about the state of our world right now. I shall do my part, the little what I can by staying home, taking care of my hygiene, support local businesses where I can and abiding the laws and instructions that the government gives out. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay sane, guys. ❤

PS. By the way, this is the 900th post of this little blog of mine. 😀 Here’s to 900 more!

Jukebox Friday

Say So – Doja Cat

Happy quarantine week 2! Hope you are healthy and somewhat sane still. 🙂 I’ve been loving Doja Cat lately, how far has she come since that Moo song. I mean, I loved it but it’s not really the type of music I listen to. She popped up back on my radar with ‘Birds of Prey’ with the song ‘Boss B*tch‘ and now ‘Say so’ which I love love love. Her costumes in this video is fire. It makes me want to dance, so let’s have a little dance moment to start this weekend! Stay strong, stay safe and stay sane! ❤

Nerdy Basement

My Reading Habits

Now that the Finnish government is gearing up for stricter measures to encourage social distancing in this little Nordic country, this week is the week I realize that need a temporary quarantine schedule. I’m doing 3-4 days a week home office, and visiting my work place only one day week max. I’m fortunate enough that my workplace is walking distance away and highly unlikely that I even see anyone at work. But I’m using this opportunity of ‘nothing to do’ period to strengthen the good habits I want to acquire and get rid of the bad ones. I’m treating this as a silent retreat of some sort, acknowledging that I am deeply privileged to be able to do so.

Now one of those good habits is, of course, reading. For the longest time, I used to read one book at a time, and I bring it with me everywhere. But the past few years, I slowly built a habit of reading multiple books at the same time. In fact, 4-5 books at a time. Here are my book slots. 🙂

The Kitchen Table Book

This is the book I keep at my kitchen table, and I mostly read it while I’m eating breakfast. Or waiting for water to boil. Right now, it’s this book called ‘What I Eat’, and it has beautiful photos of people’s diets around the world and their stories. I think it’s the perfect book for a quick read and it’s all about food. I have tons of cookbooks and books about food, but I’ve never actually read the stories in them. I’m planning to keep this spot for food books only.

The Office Lunch Book

I bring my own food and eat at the office most of the time. Sometimes some of my colleagues would do that too so I would chat with them. But sometimes when I’m by myself, I would read something while eating lunch. And for this slot, it’s all about non-fiction, usually something educational. Before, I read ‘Atomic Habits’, now I’m reading ‘Essentialism’. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to read one book but just like the Kitchen table book, I don’t mind it taking a while.

The Audiobook

This is the one I probably read most consistently. I read it when I’m commuting, when I go grocery shopping, when I’m cooking, and sometimes during work when I’m doing something that doesn’t require brainpower that much. Basically whenever I’m doing something with my hands or on the move. I listen to both fiction and non-fiction, and I finish one book almost every week that way. Audiobooks are truly how I can even attempt the 50 books a year.

The Lounge Book

I hardly ever had the time, but when I do, this slot belongs to short stories. Like if I have an extra 30 minutes until I have to go and do something else, I would read this book. Right now, book 9 of the Hot Blood series is in this slot. This is also a slot that takes quite a long time for me to finish one book.

The Bedtime Book

This is always fiction, and I choose something that requires my full attention. Right now, I’m reading ‘The World According to Garp’ and I’m loving it. Sometimes a book in this slot would be so good that it keeps me awake till late, but in those rare cases, losing precious sleep time is so worth it. Books in this slot takes me about a month to read cos I usually choose pretty thick books. I like big books and I cannot lie. XD

So here are my book slots. 😀 Do you read multiple books at a time too? If yes, what are your slots?

Jukebox Friday

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

I have some other song planned out for this week but I think to post something more… up-lifting. I think we all need it. I was gonna do ‘Imagine’ (mind you, before Gal Gadot highjacked my idea), but had to come up with some other song. In fact, I think ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is more appropriate. Stay strong, stay safe, stay sane this weekend. 🙂

Kinky Dungeon

The New Girl Incident

Now that all the kinky events are canceled due to the end of the world, I think it’s a good time to write about this one incident that happened in a kinky party a while ago. I didn’t react almost at all to it when it happened, forgot about it for a bit but suddenly remembers it and I told my friend. As I am telling my friend, I started to realize that it was not okay. And the longer time I have to think about it, the less okay it becomes. Okay, let me start from the start.

So it was a crowded party, and there were lots of new people at the party. I was introduced to a girl, a friend of a friend I think, this pretty and young girl with cool red eye-makeup. I complimented her make-up, and she must have taken it as a signal that I was interested in her. Well, I wasn’t not interested either, but not after what she did next. We chatted in a group for less than two minutes, and she kinda asked me to come with her. Not ask… kinda half pushed and half dragged me after her. I didn’t resist cos I still thought it was cute. I mean, it wasn’t the first time girls wanted to ask me privately to play. Once we were kinda farther away from the group, when we were next to a wall, she suddenly pushed me against the wall by my neck and had her hand on my throat. I wouldn’t exactly call it choking, cos it was really light. She proceeded to tell me about being a switch and such, but I pretty much stopped paying attention. I did not really appreciate being handled without my permission. I quickly turned the table and showed her what choking really meant and once I showed that I wasn’t going to let a little girl with no manners to dominate me, her whole attitude changed. Long story short, she submitted at once. Well, I wasn’t interested in dominating a little girl with no manners either. She started complaining about how no one wanted to play with her, and I wondered out loud whether she introduced herself to those others the same way she did me. I was about to lecture her that she couldn’t go around putting hands on people without consent, but then she pulled out a bottle of vodka and it dawned on me that she was drunk. I realized my lecture wouldn’t do her any good, and pretty much left the situation.

So later on, I realized that I should’ve had that lecture with her anyway. Her being a girl, her being smaller than me, and me not feeling at all threatened at any point shouldn’t be reasons why her behavior was okay. With a simple gender switch gave me even more perspective. If she had been a he, I would have kicked him in the balls and potentially even reported him to the staff members. I shouldn’t have treated her any differently just because she was a girl. And there was no saying what her seemingly small actions would have caused anxiety or even panic attacks on some other person. The kinky community is built on trust and the community wants everyone to feel safe in their parties and events, and I am part of it. All of us have the responsibility to keep it as safe as possible.

I promised myself that if I ever see that girl, I would have a talk with her. I’m sure she didn’t mean anything bad, she is just unaware of kinky party protocols. The idea of ‘stalking’ someone might seem even romantic to her, she might have seen it in a movie, but that’s not how our kinky community operates. But I’ve also learned from this little incident. I should upkeep the same standards for any gender. Manners are manners, and manners maketh both men and women.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Kinky Wednesday. Sorry that it wasn’t anything sexy. Stay strong, my pervs. And stay safe and healthy but most importantly, stay kinky! 😉