Jukebox Friday

Dance To This – Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande

I know I’ve been a bad bad blogger this week. I had so many plans and an especially exciting post for Kinky Wednesday too, about my evolving sexuality and how after three years, I still haven’t figured everything out what I am. At the last munch last Saturday, there was this new-to-the-scene guy who makes me question my whole kinky existence. XD And definitely about just how important it is exactly to actually stay celibate till the end of the year, like I’ve planned. Damn it all. XD Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be more coherent next week and then I will tell you guys everything and more. 😛 My mood through the week has been pretty fucking excitingly fluctuating, so since I like to choose a song that reflects my mood for Jukebox Friday, it was pretty challenging to settle on which one. The week started more or less like the K-pop song ‘Can’t Breathe’ by miss A (don’t forget to put on subtitles). Then it escalated quickly to ‘Closer’ by NiN, cos ‘I want to fuck you like an animal’ was pretty accurate. XD Fortunately, it mellowed out a bit like a fine wine once you let it breathe a bit, I settled on a more subtle song, smoother but still wildly sexual. What is it with Toye Sivan and his songs. Oh well. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! I know I will. 😉

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Jukebox Friday

I Want Crazy – Hunter Hayes

No guys, still not over Shawn Mendes. 😀 But I wanted to switch it up a bit. Instead of putting a Mendes song again here, I’m just gonna put one of his favorite songs. 😀 I’ve recently seen him talk about how obsessed he is about this song. And the craziest thing was, I was pretty obsessed with this song too few years ago too. I even bought the album. I’m actually a little surprised that I hadn’t put this on Jukebox Friday yet. Well, here it is. I love love love the lyrics, it’s really my kind of love anthem. 😛 Hope you have a great weekend!

My favorite parts of the lyrics:

“But I don’t want “good” and I don’t want “good enough”
I want “can’t sleep, can’t breathe without your love”

“The world makes all kinds of rules for love
I say you gotta let it do what it does”

“There’s no such thing as wild enough,
And maybe we just think too much
Who needs to play it safe in love?”

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