Breakfast Around the World, part 7 – Bangladesh

Breakfast Around the World‘, this week – Bangladesh!

Vegetable vaji, paratha and fried eggs 

I was pretty excited about this week’s breakfast since it involves flatbread. I love all types, such as naan, roti and now paratha. I fried up some vegetables in turmeric and it turned out a little saucier than I expected since I used tomatoes too. But it was pretty good with the eggs. I had my parents over to eat this breakfast, and since my mom can’t really take any heat, I left the vaji pretty mild. Otherwise I would have prefer a little more spice or even just more turmeric. But the paratha was great! ❤

Save Your Tears – The Weeknd

Anyone else impressed with the meme-worthy awesomeness that was The Weeknd’s half-time show at Superbowl. I know, I’m like so late to the party, I was supposed to put this out last week but Tay-Tay comes first. 😀 So here we are, a week late. This music video is fire, btw, so is the song too. 😛 I’m seriously considering getting this album of his. So enjoy and have a great weekend. 😀

Breakfast Around the World, part 6 – Poland

Breakfast Around the World‘, part 6 – we are going to Poland! 😀

Cebulaki and pierogies – onion rolls and Polish dumplings

Disclaimer, although I shamelessly advertise myself as being great at cooking, I absolutely suck at baking and for my utter chagrin, I realize many breakfast dishes around the world require baking skillz. For me, that’s just more loops to jump over trying to keep any baking to the minimum. And that’s the long explaination to why I didn’t make cebulaki and pierogies from scratch. 😀

I purchased some frozen bun dough and pierogies from my local supermarket and both turned out great. I know my rolls don’t look that fluffy, it’s because I only de-froze like one third of the package I got, thinking it would be enough but they ended up being tiny and flat. But hey, they were still delicious and crispy. The frozen pierogies I boiled in water and then fried them in butter and onion and put some green onion for garnish, and ate them with sour cream. They were super delicious and even my parents who were supercritical dumpling masters themselves agreed that these potato-filled versions of a very familiar dish were surprisingly delicious and creamy and fresh at the same time.

Love Story – Taylor’s Version

Happy New Year! Here come’s the Ox – strong and steady – hope it reflects this new year too. It’s also Valentine’s Day this week. I’m not much of a romantic, but I decided to choose this song for this week’s Jukebox Friday because I got all choke up this morning when I watched this brand new video from Tay-Tay. I’ve been a fan of her for years now, all the way from her old country songs. And the way she lost the rights to her old songs and how this business used her time and time again, it pisses me off. But Taylor has never been the one to give up, so these new versions of her old songs – Taylor’s versions – gods, they made me so proud of her. And after so many years, this is still a great song. No matter whether you are paired up or gloriously independent this weekend, I hope you have a great one. 🙂

Breakfast Around the World, part 5 – South Africa

Breakfast Around the World‘ part 5 is here! This week, we are going to South Africa! ❤

South African Farmhouse Breakfast

I was a little surprised about this farmhouse breakfast that I found, it’s quite similar to full English breakfast. I even bought a can of beans but I totally forgot it when I was making this. It consists of mini steaks, raw sausages grilled that are seasoned with coriander among other things, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and fried eggs sunny side up. I also added some fried spinach just for the color. 😀 The original recipe also called for lamb chops but since lamb isn’t the popular in Finland, I couldn’t find lamb chops in any grocery store near me and I just didn’t want to travel to a meat market. It’s quite plenty as is. 😛 I also had some toasts and some quality cherry jam. It was very delicious and filling and I regret that I forgot my can of beans. Oh well, I should save it to Breakfast Around the World when we go to England. 😛