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Blog Shout-Out – Slap & Tickle

Few weeks ago I introduced the lovely Gigi, her insights about being owned and collared and her new blog about sex and kink – Slap & Tickle. In collaboration, she interviewed me for her blog and here’s a little sneak peek:

“Submissiveness is the biggest part of my sexuality, and sex has a really big role in my life, or else I wouldn’t have suffered through vanilla sex for so many years. I’ve described my submissiveness as a breathing break. I feel like I’ve been under water all my life, and only when I get to submit, I can fully breathe. At my first session, it felt like I’ve been eating TV-dinners all my life and for the first time, I got to eat a gourmet meal. The submissive state is my safe haven, where I can be myself 100%.”

That was my answer for just one of the ten questions, go to her blog to read the rest! 🙂 I might be a little biased, but I do think writing about sex and kink is important, and also very fun too. Do swing by her blog and show her some love. ❤