The blog title origin

The story why I started this blog is told here at my very first post.

So the blog began as more like a healing tool, to emo around and shit. But then when BDSM became such a big part of my life, this blog turns into more of a blog for that little niche, well mostly. Since my life is not only whips and chains all the time, I’m also a self-proclaimed foodie, movie freak and a nerd, there are going to be blog posts about bits and pieces about those subjects too.

Here’s the weekly schedule of this blog:

Food porn Mondays
All about food. Recipes, restaurant reviews, food product reviews, all about food and cooking and diet. Lots of pictures. If I don’t happen to eat or cook anything interesting the previous week, then there might be no post on Mondays.

Cultural Crusade Tuesdays
Consist mostly of mini reviews of movies and TV shows and even books. Just about stuff I watched and read the previous week. If I don’t happen to watch or read anything interesting the previous week, then there might be no post on Tuesdays.

Kinky Wednesdays
This is going to be my focus point because this blog did start as a story about my BDSM journey. On Wednesdays there will be posts about kinky, naughty and sexy things. Let’s not kid ourselves, Kinky Wednesday is probably the reason you are here reading my blog. 😛 I will try to write at least this post if nothing else.

Random Rambling Thursdays
A day that is blessed for random things. Anything, and I mean anything can happen today. And most likely nothing. I would only post stuff on Thursdays only if I stumble upon something funny, interesting and/or inspiring. So if I don’t happen to find anything like that, then there might be no post on Thursdays.

Jukebox Friday
TGIF! Everyone’s favorite day of the week, and I would attempt to set the mood for the weekend with an appropriate song. Usually, it’s something that I fell in love with recently, something that I can’t get out of my mind, or simply something the reflect my mood for the week. Anyways, tune in every Friday for a song and a tiny story. There will also be occasional album reviews. I hardly ever skip Jukebox Fridays, unless I’m out of the country where there is no wifi. 😛

Nerdy Saturdays
A dive deeper into my nerdiness. Visit on Saturdays for longer and more detailed reviews about movies, books and anything nerdy and geeky. Themes might vary from the Oscars to the folding origami. Anything and everything about things I’m obsessed with, and boy aren’t there lots of them. 😀 If I don’t happen to obsess over anything on the previous week, then there might be no post on Saturdays.

Intimate Sundays
On Sundays, I write about intimate stories and experiences I had in my past.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for visiting! 😀 A spanko food blogger does sound like me XD As I am constantly looking for new kinky series to fill the void that the Original Sinners series left behind, I would love to give Ms Cass Harper a go 🙂


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