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The Wake Up Call

“Sunrise morning mist” courtesy of 7themes

Have you ever heard of the Theory of the Moment? I read about it in a Tiffany Reisz short story. The theory is that our lives are but a giant play, each of us actors and actresses on the stage, playing our role. But no matter how big or small your role is, you will have your moment in your play, the moment you were born to have, the one moment that makes your whole existence meaningful. It is a beautiful theory, romantic even, but undeniably quite sad. Just one moment? What if I miss the cue when my big moment comes?

I’m not sure I want to believe in the Moment, but I do believe in the Wake Up Call. It could be the death of a loved one, it could be an illness, it could be a nearly fatal accident. It could happen when you were in your teens, or not until you are sixty. It is the one event, one incident, accident, tragedy, that would shake your world to pieces. After that it’s really up to you how to put those pieces of you back together. You can choose to put the pieces back to the way they used to be, or you can rebuild something new, something better, something that is still 100 % you but in its full potential.

For me, my Wake Up Call is something as cliche as a breakup. I broke up with the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. The heartbreak was so thorough and profound, that I seriously doubted for a long while whether I was capable of love anymore. Though the heartbreak was endlessly painful, it was also utterly sobering. First time in my 30 years of existence, all the pieces of myself were laying at my feet, visible to the plain sight, for the first time, I was able to be brutally honest with myself. There they were, the pieces I am made of. Instead of putting back my old self, stacking them up into a high tower with no doors or windows and putting some pieces inside the tower so I can keep them in the darkness and ignore them, I decided to stir the pile and go for a contemporary design, proudly displaying absolutely every part of myself to the world.

Essentially, this blog is about that, the rebuilding process after the Wake Up Call. Don’t worry, I will not be this vague in my future posts. I will talk about my feelings and motivations in “The Emotion” category, about food, music and fitness in “The Lifestyle” category and the most fun part, about sex and men and women and new adventures in “The Passion” category. For the more detailed description of the categories, check the “About” page.

My warmest welcome, stay to play a while, have fun and come back soon!


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