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Mini Movie Reviews – horror, heroes and McD

I had a quiet season when it comes to movies, that’s what happens to me after the hectic Oscar season. But the last three weeks I got back into the game and watched 12 movies, so I guess I would resume writing mini movie reviews. I don’t have stuff to say about every movie, for those I’m just going to give one-sentence (or three) reviews and my rating. Let’s get the short ones out of the way first.

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Mini Movie Reviews – War Dogs, The Accountant, 10 Cloverfield Lane

This is going to be quick because it’s really late and I really just need to be sleeping. And last week wasn’t that good of a movie week as in the movies I watched weren’t that good. There was the Golden Globes though and they are always fun. I’m so happy for my Goddess Emma Stone to win the best actress in musical and comedy category, she deserves it! I can’t wait to see ‘La La Land’. But let’s focus on the matter at hand. Go let’s go!

War Dogs (2016)

I’m a fan of Miles Teller, he proved himself to process the raw kind of talent and masculinity that really doesn’t match his face which is a little baby face. I can’t wait to see him in ‘Bleed for this’ soon. And then we have Jonah Hill that I never really liked. I don’t really mind him most of the time, but he’s never rocked my world. I wanted to mention the two mains because those two matters when it’s a buddy movie. I was really waiting for ‘The Nice Guys’ kind of fun while learning the true story of how two twenty-somethings could become arms dealer in the service of the US military. When I put it like that, it sounds super interesting. But then I watched it and I was bored. The story was interesting, but it was all overshadowed by Jonah Hill’s over the board, super annoying performance. Ugh, that fake laugh. I don’t know whether the real person behind that character had that laugh, but hey, he’s not that famous, it’s okay to leave such mannerism out. I was flabberghasted when Hill actually got a Golden Globes nod for best actor. Are you kidding? I don’t see it. It’s a pity though, it’s a really interesting story, if only someone else would play the part Hill did and the whole film goes back to the editing room to tighten things up. There is one thing though, I don’t know the original story but are twenty-something really that naive? I mean like not making a copy of the partnership contract or keeping the only copy of the contract in an unlocked drawer? Okay, I know, it’s the secretary in me talking. Anyways, I wanted to like it a lot more than I did.
My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10

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My Favorite Movies I Watched in 2016

It’s Nerdy Saturday so this week I’m going to list my favorite movies I watched in 2016. Not all of them came out in 2016 because some are Oscar movies that came out in 2015. But 2016 is still an amazing year movie-vise. I still remember in the year 2015, there were only 7 movies that I ranked 9-10 stars. In 2016, there are twice that amount plus tons of movies that got 8 stars. So to gather a top 15 list was a breeze these time around. Let’s get going!

1. Deadpool (2016)
The movie that I saw back in February 2016, I knew already then that it’s going to be the best movie of the year. And I was right, there is only one other movie sharing the top ranking but Deadpool is, of course, going to be my ultimate love of the year. There’s no competing, because of me waiting for a Deadpool movie for over 6 years, ever since the Wolverine Origin movie came out and they completely raped the Deadpool character in the arse. I’ve always been Ryan Reynolds’s girl, I love that he’s the funny heartthrob and he definitely deserves everything Deadpool brought him. 🙂 Go Ryan! And you can read my mini review of the movie here.
My IMDb rating: 10 stars out of 10

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