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The Queen’s Justice – GoT S07E03 review

Oh Gods, that was a good episode. Legendary encounters and bittersweet reunions. The episode kinda reminds me of a Tarantino movie: the action was impeccable but you know the gold and the heart is in the dialogue, and holy Mother of Dragon, were there great dialogues in this episodes, along with plot twists so well executed that it was enough to reignite my fire for Game of Thrones that season 4 and 5 had done a lot to put out. Now I’m truly excited for this season and the next season. Let’s beging, and spoilers are strong with this one.

What an opening scene. Jon Snow and Davos arriving at the Dragonstone and were greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. Jon and Tyrion’s time together back in the first season might be brief but they do have a special bond over the fact that they were both kind of like black sheep of their respective great houses. It was clear that the Bastard of Winterfell and the Dwarf of Casterly Rock have great respect for each other. Their chit chat at the beach and going up the stairs was brilliant. And then cue the dragon swooping down. 😀 That is so planned, khaleesi, you show off. Then came the legendary first encounter of Jon Snow and Daenerys.

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Stormborn – GoT S07E02 review

Oookay, on episode two I can see the effect of cutting the season to only seven episodes, as things seem to happen at a relatively faster pace (in GoT standard). Let’s get on it. This post is dark and full of spoilers. 😀

Kuvahaun tulos haulle game of thrones stormborn daenerys and varysLet’s start with Dany as the episode began with her confronting Varys the Spider. I actually thought that they were tight in some way already, apparently, I was wrong. Varys has always been one of my favorite characters ever since the beginning of the show. Most of the time he is all mysterious and even suspicious, but unlike such as Littlefinger, I have never doubted where Varys’s loyalty lay. Varys has always been loyal to the realm, to the people, and I guess it came across more clearly in the books than in the show. I really enjoyed this confrontation between Dany and Varys. I was sure Dany likes Varys and how dedicated he is to the people, but unlike her positively last blood relative Jon Snow, Dany left no second guessing to anyone what she is capable of when someone is foolish enough to betray her. Both the Mother of dragons and the King in the North are just and kind, but Dany has an extra edge to her. She doesn’t rule by fear but she can be intimidating, especially to her enemies. In some way, she inspires more respect and loyalty than Jon in my opinion. The soft side of Jon Snow and how blatantly he lets the world see it is admirable and foolish at the same time. Guess here lies the difference between those who were born females and those who were born males. In order to appear strong, women can’t show their weaknesses.

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Feel Good Flicks to Brighten Your Day

As promised on last Wednesday’s How to Survive Down Time post, here’s a list of movies and TV shows that got me into a good mood after watching them. Stories that would make me cry, laugh and feeling cheerful and/or hopeful. There are movies from different genres, not just comedies but I guess all of them made me laugh and laugh and cry at the same time. I literally went through over 1 500 movies that I’ve watched to hand pick the following list of 30. I’m just going to write a couple of words about them, keeping it short and sweet since it is a pretty long list. I hope you enjoy. Okay, here we go.

1. Going in Style (2017)
It’s a simple movie with a simple plot but includes three charismatic actors to deliver some surprisingly funny scenes. Of course, they kept it classy. Kinda makes you miss your grandpa.

2. Paul (2011)
Paul is the ET for me as ET was for most people. I didn’t like ET, but I very much liked Paul. 😛

3. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)
It’s really a nice thought that dogs get to reincarnate from life to life to brighten different people’s lives. Hilarious narration with cheesy tear-jerker moments for all dog-lovers out there.

4. Captain Fantastic (2016)
Weirdly satisfying and fill you up with wonder about living off the grid. Not that I would ever be able to unless I was raised by a dad like Captain Fantastic.

5. Swiss Army Man (2016)
There’s a reason why the indie movie circle periodically delivers us gems because I can’t imagine any big movie studio giving this crazy idea a go. Thank God for indie flicks, Swiss Army Man will be one of the best movies you’ve ever seen. I wrote a mini review about it earlier, read more here.

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