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Skye Boat Song – Outlander

It’s a little special this Jukebox Friday, because season three of ‘Outlander’ just premiered. It’s not usual for a TV show to have a song for its theme, one that is sung and not just music. But ‘Skye Boat Song’ is really beautiful and gradually it became an emotional song that would trigger me to cry, and I believe it would have that effect on anyone who follows through both seasons. So here it is. Happy Friday!

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Game of Thrones – Season 8 predictions

The dust had settled on the Game of Thrones season 7 and there are already tons of predictions for season 8 floating around the interweb. I think it’s going to fun to create a checklist kind of post to predict shortly how the cookies are going to crumble for this bunch and see if any of them would come true. Let’s start with the small potatoes.


After fighting in the Great War, Pod will open the largest brothel in the Seven Kingdoms. He will go down in history as the Greatest Pimp.

Almost die saving Jaime yet again in the Great Wall. Loses hand but gained his own castle like he always wanted.

The Hound
Dies in the care of Arya from the wounds he got from fighting and killing his brother.

Theon and Yara
Dies as a hero saving his sister, finally shedding Reek and regaining his identity as Theon Greyjoy, who is a Stark at heart. Yara will become the ruler of the Iron Islands.

Brienne and Tormund
Falls for Tormund and have giant monster babies in her home island and lives happily ever after.

Sam and Gilly
After being one of the key person offering great knowledge to help win the Great Wall, he become the lord of his own house, retire to being the lord and marry Gilly and raise little Sam as his heir. Will become a honorary maester of the Citadel and be the author of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

Missandei and Grey Worm
Gets to return to her home island with Grey Worm and make it her life mission to educate orphans, especially girls. Grey Worm would teach them to defend themselves.

Dies fighting for the utopia of a kingdom. Goes down in history as the great man and will be remembered as the one who fight for the people.

And then the big potatoes.

Sacrifice himself to either kill the Night King using his mental superpowers or at least deliver a fatal blow that would be the key in winning the Great Wall.

Becomes the Lady of the Winterfell and warden of the North. Never marries again, just like Lyanna Mormont.

Finnish with her list, reunite with Nymeria and become the greatest assassin’s creed of Westeros.

Fights in the Great War. Will die killing Cersei.

Will be killed by Jaime, taking him with her.

After Jaime and Cersei die, he becomes the Lord of the Casterly Rock, remains the Hand of the Queen. Never marries.

Plays another key role in winning the Great War, riding Rhaegal to the battle. Both will die protecting Daenerys.

Will ascend the Iron Throne, but heart-broken and to a kingdom in ruins and would require decades to rebuild. After Jon’s death, she will never re-marry, but she will ascend the throne pregnant with the heir to the Iron Throne.

Nerdy Basement

The Dragon and the Wolf – GoT S07E07 review

Here it finally was, the grand season finale of the 7th season of Game of Thrones. ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of all time, mostly because some of the most exciting first meet-and-greets and bittersweet reunions. Let’s go through those reunions first.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle the dragon and the wolf the hound and brienneThere is Tyrion and Podrick, and Tyrion and Bronn. Three of them once thick as thieves but now finding themselves fighting for different kings and queens, but the bromance is still there. One of my favorite is of course Brienne and the Hound. The biggest link between them is Arya, so that was what they talked about. Brienne offering the information about Arya to the Hound felt almost like a little apology, as in ‘sorry dude that I tried to kill you’. And oh, the proud papa’s expression on the Hound’s face when Brienne shared how capable of a fighter Arya has become. It was a good chat. Although Brienne and Jaime’s reunion was only meaningful looks and a brief shouting convo in the end of the failed negotiation, it was still pretty good. And talking about looks, the looks exchanged between Tyrion and Cersei, so deadly.

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