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Cobra Kai – TV Series Review

“Set thirty years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the series focuses on Johnny Lawrence reopening the Cobra Kai dojo, which causes his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso to be reignited.”
– IMDb

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13 Reasons Why I didn’t care about Golden Globes 2018

See what I did there in the title? 😛 Here’s the thing, as a movie lover, I don’t have that much respect for the Globes as an award show. It’s like the fun appetizer, it probably won’t affect your whole meal but you sure as hell would remember it if it was bad. I hadn’t actually counted whether there are exactly 13 reasons why I didn’t care about this years Globes, even less than usual.

As expected, the whole evening was almost dedicated to the sexual harassment thing, as seen with all the black attire and all the ladies inserting something into their speech about it. I get it, but it almost feels like mean-spirited when inserted in some places where they were supposed to be celebrating the movie or TV show in hand. Seth Meyers was a good choice, just enough edge to pull off the jokes, some even too edgy for the crowd like the Harvey Weinstein one (which I thought was funny). But he kinda disappeared after the opening monologue, which made it all feel like that he was the last minute choice and no time to rehearse.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle golden globes 2018 all blackAs a matter of fact, the whole show felt like it. The inconsistent camerawork and editing, the angles the cameramen took of the contenders and how sometimes it stayed just a little too long for someone but not enough at times, one cameraman had even been shooed out of the way by Best Actress winner Frances McDormand. XD The writing… omg, the jokes were so bad this time around. And the timing. Was everyone drunk or not drunk enough? They got me a little excited when Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson on the stage together as presenters, but not even a tiny little Harry Potter joke? Not even “hi Hermione, hi Cedric”?? It was also really inconsistent that some told a joke, some not. And was it just me or was the time given for the ladies to speak way longer than the time given to the gents?

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Jukebox Friday

Skye Boat Song – Outlander

It’s a little special this Jukebox Friday, because season three of ‘Outlander’ just premiered. It’s not usual for a TV show to have a song for its theme, one that is sung and not just music. But ‘Skye Boat Song’ is really beautiful and gradually it became an emotional song that would trigger me to cry, and I believe it would have that effect on anyone who follows through both seasons. So here it is. Happy Friday!

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