Jukebox Friday

Where Do We Go From Here? – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Today 20 years ago the masterpiece TV show that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered, and this Josh Whedon’s baby is my all-time favorite TV show. And if you raised your eyebrow for my choice, you obviously haven’t seen all of the episodes. And one of my favorite episodes is obviously the musical episode. ❤ So, on this Jukebox Friday, the big finale group song from that episode. Happy Buffy Friday!

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Nerdy Basement

Ten Horror TV Shows

I apologize about the emo stuff the last few days, there seem to be only two states I’m constantly in this week and that’s emo and horny. So to help me with both, I consumed a lot of horror even post Halloween. Today, I feel good. The emoness is mostly gone, but oh boy is the horny still going strong. So let’s continue with the horror theme this nerdy Saturday, let me introduce you ten horror TV shows that I’m watching right now. Yay, more lists!

1. The Walking Dead
Such an unexpected hit show. I remember when it came out, it was just ordered for six episodes for the first season. It did not ride the wave of zombie, because the year 2010 was pretty quiet zombie movie-wise. The Walking Dead became the zombie wave itself and it was still going high after six years. I was in awe when I watched the first season, I binged it. It was like watching a really really good and well made long zombie movie. But season after season the same plot repeated itself, in a slightly different venue and with a different villain. Until last season, season six, was so so weird. I had gotten sick and tired of our leading man Rick so many seasons ago, but the sixth? Oh my God it was almost bad. Cos it was out of character. It seemed like after so many seasons of mindless bloodshed, our leads finally were starting to lose their humanity which was what had kept them alive for so long. In retrospect though, I guess the whole season six was to prepare us for the season 7, cos oh my God that shit is fucked up. And finally, it seems that things are changing. I know, only three episodes had been shown so it’s too soon to tell, but it’s already very different from the rest of the seasons. But this is definitely the best zombie show out there.

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