Kinky Dungeon

Fifty Shades of Orgasms

On this sunny Wednesday afternoon, after going back and forth with kinky naughty subjects I might want to write about today, I finally decided on writing about orgasms. That beautiful, stress-relieving O. I’ve used it as a sleeping pill, I attempt for them for fun or they can come sometimes without me even trying. Orgasms come in all shapes and sizes, strong or weak, big or small, long or short. And different positions too, for me, it’s next to impossible for me to come while standing, unless I’m bent over something. I come the easiest when I’m lying on my back or sitting on a chair. But today, I’m going to reveal ten different kinds of orgasms that at least I experience on a regular basis. See if you can spot your favorite/least favorite or simply ones you get the most. Go let’s go!

1. The Well-Behaving O

These Os have a strong structure to them, they behave like they are on a schedule. They come relatively easily, reacting quickly to invitation. The only thing they require is a consistency, a steady rhythm is guaranteed to do it. You see them coming from a mile away, and once you get familiar with the well-behaving Os, you would know exactly just how many seconds it takes for it to arrive. In other words, well-behaving Os have a steady climb that always take the same amount of time, a decent climax at the top and a steady cool-down too. I get well-behaved Os the most when I play with myself with a charged vibrator and a good clip of porn. Roughly ten minutes and I would happy as a clam and fall asleep blissfully. I also like to call these sleeping-pill Os.

2. The Quickie O

Mostly achieved when I’m extremely turned on. The above mentioned O is my usual jazz when I watch porn. But sometimes I don’t stumble onto a right clip of porn right away, I need to cruise around and watch not-so-good clips but they still turn me on. But I won’t start to masturbate before I find the right clip. So when the lust is all built up and I finally find the right clip and I start up the vibrator, there is the quickie O, that comes usually after only 20-50 seconds of playing with myself. They are fun, but highly unsatisfying. I’m a big fan of quickie fucks, but not so for quickie Os, because as strong as they can be, they would leave me desperate for more. And it is known that the first O is always the best one. So I feel like the quickie O robs me of my best O.

3. The Traitor O

Oh how I hate these little traitors. There is no pattern as to when these would attack. I’m sure you know this one. It’s the kind of O that have full of potentials and such a strong build-up. It’s the kind of O that promise you the world and the moon and the sun and then stab the fuck out of your back. I’m talking about the O that you think is going to be a huge one cos of the long and powerful build up. Like a roller-coaster, you rise and rise and rise until you start to wonder a little just how high you are rising and you start to get a little scared but still freaking excited about the immense vertical drop down into the O paradise. Right up to the peak, you balance there at the tip for a little while, getting mentally ready for the explosion of your lifetime and then bloop. A teeny tiny wee bloop. Like a mile high rise on a roller-coaster followed by an anti-climatic one-meter drop, that is weak and short and makes your eyes pop open as you yelled out loud WHAT THE FUCK. These are the kind of Os that make you lose faith in humanity, cos if your own body can betray you like that, how can you ever trust anyone or anything else in this cruel cruel world. XD

4. The Addicting O

These bare some similarities with the traitor O, they have a strong build-up but a weak outcome. But slightly better than the traitors in some ways, cos instead of leaving you angry at the world, these are going to make an addict out of you. This is the O that makes you want them to keep coming. Because they are so weak, they leave you hot and bothered and you will keep trying to get the next one. Addicting Os never come in one, they always move in packs. You get one, try for another and another will follow quickly but with the similar unsatisfying result. Usually these kinds of Os will make me try for 3-7 times in a really short period of time and after the second one, it would usually turn into a hunt for a decent O, but usually it would never come. Addicting Os is especially dangerous when you have only limited time or Os that you can have cos your Dom is making you pay for every extra O with spanking strikes… -.-

5. The Evasive O

I hate the playing-hard-to-get O almost as much as the traitor O. This is the kind of O that just won’t come easily and they would make you work for it. They like to make you sweat in deep concentration, they like to make you wait with no promise whatsoever that it would even make an appearance at all. Sometimes I would just give up, knowing that there would be no guarantee anyways that the O behind such hard work would be even worth it. Frustrating little things, these Os.

6. The Marathon O

Enough of the bad and mediocre Os. Let’s talk about something real nice: the marathon O. You know, the one that just keeps coming and coming and coming. It always feels like it would never end, it feels like you keep coming for hours. They would make you giggle for the fact that you are taking forever. They would leave you panting hard in the end and once you have come down enough for you to hear something else than your own hard breathing and your own hard-beat, you would hear the universe whisper smugly ‘you’re welcome’.

7. The Multiple Os

These are rare gems of the O-land. They require the right timing, the right circumstances, the right room temperature. 😛 Every little Os has the potential to grow into multiple Os. Because after every O, there is a short period of time, not more than 1.6 seconds, during which it’s up for suggestion of an encore. With the right kind of stimulation during that said period, it just might trigger another O that doesn’t have build-up at all, it would just hit you like a sledgehammer. And if you are lucky, even a third one would follow. Multiple Os are a wonderful thing, but getting them feel little bit like drowning, wave after wave it would just hit you and you have no control how many would come or how fast or whether it would turn into the next kind of O on the list.

8. The Painful O

Galaxy 5 623I have a love-hate relationship with painful Os. Love them because they are always very very strong. The kind that would make your back arch up into an inhuman way, like in The Exorcist. It’s bone crackingly powerful, and it feels so very good. Like anything that good would come without a price. Immediately after the super powerful explosion, a sharp, just as powerful wave of pain would invade my senses. Because along with this O, your lady parts have turned into a cat. It be like ‘yes yes yes, I love your scratches, yes scratch my tummy yes yes yes’ in respond to the touches of the vibrator and then in less than a second it would suddenly decide that ‘no, what you are doing to me, don’t touch me, I hate you!!’ So the yes, yes, yes would turn into stop, stop, stop. But just like every cat owner, you would love and hate the cat, and mostly at the same time.

9. The Sneaky O

Ah, the number one enemy of every submissive who needs to ask for permission to come. The sneaky O is like the most talented ninja in the world, they come almost without warning. I first experienced these during my first times with Sir Atticus. They surprised me and always come out of nowhere. It would leave me just about enough time to ask for permission and luckily I’ve got permission right away during these instances. Cos when I say just enough time to ask, I mean it. If the answer would have been no or count to ten, I would have explode anyways and I don’t really want to think about the consequences.

10. The All-Consuming O

Saved the best for last: the all-consuming O. Aka the whole-body orgasm. All of the above mentioned Os concentrate on my lady parts, and when they are strong enough, I would feel it all the way up in my temple and head too. But my favorite, the all-consuming O, this I feel in my whole body. I would become a big ball of orgasmic explosion consumed by pure pleasure. My eyesight would be gone, I would hear nothing, my whole world would be nothing but one giant orgasm. I might squirt at the same time. I might scream so loud that the whole neighborhood would hear. I’m not even sure what I do during one of these, cos I lose all control and awareness. I have only had a few of these in my life, and maybe the most pure one was roughly over a year ago, my first one. I was masturbating with a vibrator, and I got an orgasm so freaking good that I literally past out right after it. And since I have had couple with Sir Atticus, like the first time He broke me with pleasure or the first time doing double penetration. These are the Os that make me wonder whenever I hear someone say that their attitude towards sex is nonchalant. Cos I’m pretty sure if you have experienced the all-consuming O, how can you not be thinking about sex all the time like I do.

There you have it, the ten kinds of O. Did I miss something crucial? Which one is your favorite? Or the least favorite? I wonder whether men have different kinds of orgasms too like we ladies do. 😛 Well, this was fun to write! I’ll see you next Wednesday again with something naughty. Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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