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Is That a Thing? – Squirting

squirting1At the point, I am reminded of this one guy who so long time ago replied to my ‘Owner Wanted’ ad, that guy who required me cumming 12 times each sexy time and squirting. XD However fun was to read those crazy replies, I really don’t miss that time. Back to the wet matter at hand, today’s topic is squirting. I’ve always thought I’m not one of those girls who squirts. I mean I squirted quite often while masturbating when I was young, like before the age of 24. And after that, it pretty much just stopped. Not that I masturbated less or the orgasms were getting less enjoyable. On the contrary, I get much better orgasms as I’m getting older. The crucial reason must be the change of the method how I masturbated. I used to use pressure against my clitoris to masturbate, until I discovered vibrators. And I don’t like to press vibrators very hard against myself, most of the time it feels better to almost let the vibrator hover a tiny bit.

Since I’ve found my way to the glorious kinky world, my sexual appetite had been gone on over-drive for over a year now. Not necessarily wanting pleasure all the time, but the craving has just got more powerful. So this past 12 months or so, I squirted a couple of times when I was masturbating with my magic wand vibrator. But still, I was convinced I would never squirt while I’m having sex with someone else. Because although Sir Atticus has done miracles for me not being able to orgasm in front of others, it’s still a problem sometimes and it probably would take a long time for me to let go all the anxiousness I associate with cumming when I’m not alone. So I didn’t think I would ever squirt, I mean if cumming can’t be taken for granted and I only ever squirt when I get an orgasm, wishing for squirting seemed a far away dream for me. But then it happened. Two days ago.

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Is That a Thing? · Kinky Dungeon

Day 25 of the Kinky Christmas Calendar 2015


Day 25 – Anal

Merry kinky Christmas! Here it is finally, my ultimate favorite fetish, everything anal. Anal is something I am the most grateful for my Dom, because it was Him who made me fall deeply in love with anal sex. In the beginning of our D/s relationship, the one thing He required was to train me for take anal whenever He wants it. And since this is also one of His favorites, He wants it a lot. I went on His training, expecting only to learn to take anal sex without much fuss and learn to do enema properly. What I didn’t expect was to start liking the training way too much. It made me crave anal sex like crazy. And when He finally took me on a test drive to see if all the training had yielded any fruit, it did. I think I surprised Him with how much I love it. I know for a fact that anal is always going to be at my top five. I had written about the other hole earlier, but I will soon write a part two. To share, for example, what my Dom’s famous training actually included: 😉

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 2 – Five portions, twelve days and one cock

It’s Sunday so it’s time for another Weekly Obsessions. Without further ado, go let’s go.

1. Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I love the food, I love the atmosphere, I love the presents, the candles, the scent, the everything! I have lots and lots of rituals, and I was so looking forward to spending the first Christmas single. But the trip to China kinda ‘ruins’ my Christmas rituals. So I’m just going to keep those that I can. Like Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas.

I have no idea why I love it so much to watch others get a ridiculous amount of presents, guess it’s that wonderful time of the year. 🙂 And that dancing reindeer? I love love love that reindeer! 😀

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