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The Return of Domme Kitten

On my birthday this year, I got two presents from Sir Atticus, one of them is a little toy in the form of a 23-year-old girl. Let’s call her Poppy, cos she reminds me of Vanellope from the movie ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’, full of energy and a force of nature. Sir promised me free reign (almost), I can do almost anything I want as long as I remain subservient to Him. Even though I remain under His command, He did give permission for Domme Kitten to come out to play. 😛

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuvaLet me tell you something about Poppy. While being very new to anything kinky, Sir being her first touch to the kinkier sex, she’s the most eager person I’ve ever met. Eager to please, eager to try anything and everything, and when I say everything, she really is willing to dive in head first and take on every challenge. She talks a lot. And I meant a LOT. And initially, that may come off as a little bratty, but definitely not on purpose. It might be her somewhat anxious nature talking, constantly over-thinking and attempting to explain herself. Initially, I didn’t plan on playing the Domme, I was just going to spank a little. Okay, maybe not a little. But something in her kinda made me want to train, and teach and show. While not exactly being a switch, aka I don’t really get sexual gratification from being a Domme, but I do get other kinds of satisfaction: partly because I wanted to train and teach her for Sir, and partly… this is going to sound weird, because I think it would be good for her. Again, I will come back to that later.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle bdsm caningI do remember Sir Atticus telling me earlier that as long as I do proper warm-up, anything in any intensity and capacity is game for Poppy. I didn’t forget it, but it wasn’t exactly on top of my mind when I got a certain urge I have never experienced before. At first we had a few drinks and got to know each other a bit, and she asked me how I would like to be addressed, and I’ve always liked the title Mistress. Madam sounds old to me. Poppy found the word to be funny, and because of that she kept having difficulties just saying the word Mistress without adding something else to the mix. I was ready to let it slide, domliness not being in my nature, but then she pointed out herself that she had no idea why she kept saying things like Mistress Madam etc but she still kept saying it after that. On that moment I finally understood how brats can be endlessly tempting for Doms. Her unintentionally misbehavior awakened the brat tamer in me. And also, a small part in me wanted to help her focus. So without thinking, I told her that I would not let the last ‘mistress madam’ slide, and that a little punishment would do well to help her remember the proper way to address me. I asked her which one of the spanking intruments was her least favorite and she said the cane. I am well aware how caning without a warm-up feels like even for an experienced spanko, but I couldn’t back down in the moment. I promised a punishment and the cane it was going to be. Five strikes with a lexan cane. It was love at first strike, I mean on my part, her necessarily on Poppy’s. 😀 Well, I will talk about the caning part later in its own post, cos it really deserves its own entry. For someone who was on the receiving end of a can for the first time, Poppy took it pretty well and her less spanked bottom was so easy to leave marks. I was chided a little by Sir for starting so hard with the cane, but it did strike a little bit of fear in her which can be useful for someone in training. 😛

Training new subs, especially ones that don’t know themselves that well yet, or what they like, or their own limits, and ones that have bratty tendencies can be challenging for Doms, although it could be fun too. And because it’s challenging and fun, I wanted to help in training. I mean, who knows a brat more than another brat. 😛

Kuvahaun tulos haulle bdsm subspaceAnd as for why I think learning to submit would be good for Poppy. I think underneath all of that eagerness and excited exterior lies quite a sensitive girl who might be a little self-conscious and constantly over-think how she comes off to other people and how others think about her. And the more anxious she gets, the more she talks and explains. For me, submission is part of my sexuality. But it’s also a great escape and favorite hiding place for me at the same time. I know for many, submission is a state of utter relaxation, where you can let go all of the worries and stress and self-consciousness, and submission, ironically, can boost one’s self-confidence and promote inner calmness. I wanted to help her reach subspace and let go of herself. Of course, I’m no magician and I can’t positively achieve all of that in one evening. And I have no idea when I would see Poppy again, but given the chance, I would want to try giving her a whole new experience.

A consent Domme Kitten giving aftercare ^^

It is a completely new side of myself that I’ve discovered along with Sir Atticus’s generous gift. While I might not get sexually aroused for dominating another, I do get satisfaction in other forms. Among the dominating though, there is the spanking park, and that does excite and arouse the sexual sadist in me. But that’s a story for next Wednesday. Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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