Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 18 – broccoli, cookies and datenight

Another fun week that ended a little crappily cos I had headache from the moment I woke up today. But after three aspirins and two naps, I finally started to feel okay enough to do something useful: writing the weekly obsessions. 😀 Let’s get down to it and start with something nerdy.

1. Supergirl / Flash crossover

Photo courtesy of TVLine

While the movie superheroes took a dark road and are becoming more and more serious and dark (at least with DC), the TV universe stays light enough that it won’t put you in a dark mood on a weekly basis. That would had sucked. On of the cons of that is that unlike the Marvel movie/TV universe uniting and supporting each other as an unit, DC separates its movie and TV world completely. We would never see the heroes from TV on the big screen or vice versa. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing. Cos while the DC movie universe got to the point of all time low imo along with the Batman vs Superman mess, I am loving the DC TV series, the Arrow, Flash and the newest one Supergirl. Arrow and Flash had crossovered many times onto each others shows and it’s easy enough cos they are living in the same world. But Supergirl and Flash do not live in the same world, so when they announced a Supergirl and Flash crossover, I was beyond excited! And the episode turned out to be great. The two heroes had such chemistry together that it’s so sad to see them part ways. I hope there will be a crossover in the future, and since both hero actors are Glee alumni, they must do a song together somewhere in that crossover episode! I mean come on! It’s only fair, they are such spectacular singers. Okay, you convinced me, here’s my favorite performance by Flash when he was Sebastian in Glee, and here’s the Supergirl’s. 😛

2. Charred Broccoli Taco


I am in no shape or form a vegetarian. Although I love my veggies and fruits, my body is convinced that I would literally die without meat, so why even attempt the all veggie diet. 😀 Charred Broccoli Taco, this Wendy Williams show inspired vegetarian recipe is that first one I was interested in trying. You can watch the original recipe here. I altered the recipe a bit, I’m very bad at following recipes. Like the tofu crema, I added a healthy dose of Korean chili sauce gochujang in it already and I skipped the chili glaze altogether. It turned out really tasty, and pretty orange color too. The broccoli I made in the oven too but in addition to just salt and olive oil, I added some dried thyme, dried garlic and black pepper too. Why be boring right? I also skipped the radish and carrot pickles, and instead just put some coriander (mainly because I forgot to water my coriander plant and it had to be put down immediately XD ). On the top, I put some creme fraiche to balance the spicy tofu crema. The end result was super delicious, although might not be as healthy as the original recipe. 😀

3. Date Night

It’s hard to believe that Sir Atticus and I had only known each other for three weeks. We had played every time we met, but a proper session with protocols and rules, that happened the first time last Wednesday. I was told to prepare myself in a certain way. I wasn’t allowed to talk or look Him in the eyes when I arrive at His place. His place had a locked gate downstairs and He always have to come down to open it for me. I was feeling excited and anxious all day, I knew the session was going to be different. It was going to be something I had never done before. I was scared and excited. But I trusted Him 100 %, so although I felt fear, I didn’t feel unsafe.

I arrived at His gate and sent Him a text about it. I took deep breaths while I was waiting, and when I heard His footsteps, I cast my eyes down and a smile spread on my lips. When He opened the gate, all I could see was Him in dress pants and I realized that He was in a suit. He knows that I had a thing for men in suits. He lifted my chin to kiss me inside the gate and I got a quick look at Him in His suit. I think I already got wet then and there, I felt the kiss all over my body, and mostly at my lady parts. Then He led me by the hand to His place, my head and eyes down. He made me feel like a little girl and I loved it. I felt small, fragile, nervous and something I haven’t felt a long long time: innocent.

2016-03-31 11.58.53
Me waiting on my knees, with almost all of my senses blocked

Once inside His place, I took of my outwear and presented myself to Sir. He kissed me again and ordered me on my knees. Then I followed Him on my hands and knees. He then carefully explained the safety precautions. Whenever He squeezes my hand, I must squeeze back to let Him know I’m okay to continue, if I’m not I need to squeeze extra hard. He would also give me keys to hold onto, jiggling the keys means yellow, dropping them red. Then He began to prepare me. First the gag, then the ear plugs, then the blindfold. After that not one but two black cloth bags were placed onto my head, then some noise cancelling headphones with some instrumental music playing. Then my wrists were cuffed and tied to His bed on my knees. And I stayed like that for what felt like hours. In reality maybe just ten or so minutes. Sir Atticus was right, this was something I’ve never experienced before. It was the most peculiar way to fall into subspace. I’m not claustrophobic, nor am I afraid of the dark, and I could breathe just fine through the bags. But gradually, my breathing still became more and more labored. The anticipation was intoxicating. I jumped from Sir’s every small contact. I flinched from the tiniest pain received. When almost all my senses were blocked, the only one left, the sense of feel, it strengthened to a point that everything felt so much more.

A lot of my firsts happened during that session. I’m not going to write about them right now, cos I want to talk about them in details later on. Let’s just say I had to jiggle the keys few times when the sensation was just too much to take and I needed a little break. After the session was over, and all my senses returned to me, Sir looked at the keys in my hand. I had put the key ring on my thumb and hold onto them so hard that I left a little dent on my thumb. Sir chuckled at me and said something like ‘you really didn’t want to drop the keys in accident, did you now’. He was right again, the last thing I wanted was to drop the keys, I didn’t want it to stop. It was one of the most memorable sessions I’ve ever had, and I don’t think I would forget it any time soon.

4. Cookies!

After a rather intense session, this kitten got her reward for being a good girl. Sir Atticus baked cookies for me! I was pretty content and was in the post-session high, lying in His arms munching away on some delicious cookies. Chocolate and walnut cookies, not too sweet, quite perfect in texture. They were so good that I shamelessly asked if I could have some to bring to work with the next morning, and turned out that Sir had already packed me a box of cookies to go. An incredible session, cuddles and cookies, what more could a subbie wish for?

5. Service sub’s come back

I had talked about my service sub’s side earlier, and the last time that side of me ever came out was when I was with my vanilla ex. And the servitude just leaked out then, it lacked purpose and I didn’t feel that it was even appreciated. With the two Doms I had before, the extent of servitude was maybe getting water for them during or after sessions. I probably had also reigned the service sub side in, just because that side of me is very delicate and fragile. She had been through a lot and she had never felt that she was appreciated or even wanted. That was why I had been extra protective of her, and never let her out to play. Until I met Sir Atticus. It’s His talent to make me feel very comfortable. And after the session mentioned before I slept over at His place. In the morning I was still doing my morning workout when He left for work. Although He did say I was not to clean at His place, but it was kinda His own fault that He told me He usually likes to tidy the place up before work cos it’s more pleasant to come to a tidy home after work. So after He left for work, for the first time I let my service submissive out to play, not for just anyone, for my Dominant. I was super late to work, but I was in such a good mood the whole day. And I felt something I had never felt before. My service sub was content, she was beyond happy to be able to help, to be of use, she was ecstatic that Sir would be able to come home from work to a tidy place. It’s hard to describe that feeling of contentment. No words in my limited vocabulary could give it justice. My service subbie and I wish she could get more chances to come out and play. And also, Doms who are reading this, never leave a service sub alone at your house unless you want the place to be cleaned. 😀 It is a temptation too great for any subbie to resist.

Next on Kinky Tuesday, something about the big O. Until then, stay kinky. 😉


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