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Session (S)infographic, Part 2

Another 20 sessions, so here’s another session (s)infographic! 😛 Check out the first one here. I stayed true to the style but there are some changes like instead of tracking His place or my place, I tracked our orgasm ratio. In that we see how selfless and giving Sir had been, with our orgasm ratio almost 1 to 3.5 in my favor. 😛 So giving! So nice! *halo emoji* So here it is, I hope it’s as fun to observe as the last one. 😛



Is That a Thing? · Kinky Dungeon

Is That a Thing? – Nipple Clamps

Ah the dreaded nipple clamps. Why dreaded, you ask, they are just nipple clamps. A little bit of back story is required. I’ve had one of those bad one night stands, and the guy was really into nipples. Long story short, after that night, my nipples ached for two weeks and were extremely uncomfortable against bras, so I had to wear a sports bra for two weeks. So not long after that I set out to fill my fetish checklist and with that unpleasant memory fresh in mind I put nipple clamps onto my very short hard limit list. I have very sensitive nipples and breasts and I really hate the twisting and clamping kind of pain. The thought of clamps just biting down on my poor girls make me scream in terror inside. Needless to say, when such a basic thing in on my hard limit list, of course it attracted Sir Atticus’s attention. He never pushes the issue but He made sure to tease me with it every chance that He got. I guess not many have nipple clamps as their fetish, it might be something that He doesn’t even pay much attention to, but like all predators, Doms are attracted by the scent of fear, so the mere fact that I’m deadly scared of them makes Him want to try them on me that much more.

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Is That a Thing?

Is That a Thing? – Double Penetration

vulcan_hand_signUnlike many of my fantasies, double penetration might be among the newest addition. Not that I don’t enjoy watching it, but it used to be with admiration from afar rather than fantasizing myself being an active participant. I wouldn’t mind witnessing it live either. Cos remember, I used to strongly dislike anal sex. It’s hard to believe that slightly over one year after being submissive actively, in addition to being able to have anal without being drunk (cos that was what I used to do, get shit-faced to numb the pain), I quite like it. If you asked me back in February which one would I choose for the rest of my life, anal or vaginal sex, I would have chosen anal. Funny how my taste changes. I do believe that especially a submissive’s preferences and even sex drive would mold according to their Dom’s preferences. I know mine did. Sir Atticus is not that into anal (His words, not mine), but He sure doesn’t mind giving it. I’m not lying, at first I was a little sad about that, thinking I probably wouldn’t be getting as much anal sex as I would have wanted. But then there is this thing of His cock feeling really really good in my vagina. I firmly believe His cock is the perfect match for my vajayjay, He could go as hard as He wants in most position but He would be slightly too big in some position that He would hit the wall which might be a big no-no for some girls, but I happen to love it. As I was saying, like a freaking glove. So my preferences have re-arranged themselves from anal-vaginal-oral to vaginal-oral-anal. I like blowjobs before, but Sir had taught me to deep throat and I enjoy it immensely to serve Him that way, so I love blowjobs now. Okay, I’m straying from the topic. Right, double penetration.

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