Weekly Obsessions

Part 36
Foodporn: eggplant rolls, Tokyo 55 Izakaya, Morrison’s Grill and Green
Cultural: Teeth, Gods of Egypt, The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Happy: teatox, Chinese flu tea, things I learned
Pouty: subdrop
Sexy: Hugs and kisses for the drop from Sir Atticus ❤

Part 35
Foodporn: beef pho, McD, pasta carbonara
Cultural: Suicide Squad, Bates Motel, Mars Attacks!, One Punch Man
Happy: toy chest, Sir’s really early birthday present
Pouty: tummy ache
Sexy: slap, whip and belt

Part 34
Foodporn: piri piri chicken, creamy chicken corn soup, Japanese curry chicken, pluots
Cultural: Gilmore Girls (TV), Secrets and Lies (TV), Clerks (movie), Z for Zachariah (movie), London has fallen (movie), Goosebumps (movie), The 5th Wave (book)
Happy: Birthday partay and birthday presents from Sir Atticus
Pouty: hangovers when you’re at your 30s
Sexy: service subbing

Part 33 – drinks with friend (party), lunch with Sir Atticus (foodporn), dinner with my folks (foodporn), picnic with Sir Atticus (foodporn), birthday week

Part 32 – Cheat Day (diet), thirty day plank challenge (workout), summer vacation, shoes (shopping), The 5th Way (movie)

Part 31 – Sushi Forest (foodporn, restaurant), Game of Thrones season 6 (TV), Nutri Ninja blender (foodporn), Gilmore Girls (TV), Odd Thomas (movie)

Part 30 – the midsummer feast (foodporn)

Part 29 – football (sport), zoodles (foodporn), World of Warcraft (games)

Part 27-28 – first caning punishment (kink), low carb diet (diet), stuffed eggplant (foodporn, recipe), UnReal (TV), Warcraft (movie)

Part 26 – X-Men: Apocalypse (movie), Arrow/Flash/Nashville (TV), The Librarians (TV), last weekend of gluttony (food), new low carb diet (diet)

Part 25 – Ramen restaurant Momotoko (restaurant foodporn), chili con carne (foodporn), Grimm season 5 finale (TV), happyfolding.com origami (hobbies), Zootopia (movie)

Part 24 – Red wine spaghetti and steak (recipe, foodporn), Buffalo broccoli and cauliflower tacos (recipe, foodporn), Staked by Kevin Hearne (book), One Punch Man (anime, TV), The Hundred-Foot Journey (movie)

Part 23 – Korean army base stew (recipe, foodporn), kimchi omelette (recipe, foodporn), Savages (movie), session anniversary (kink), Mother’s Day brunch (foodporn)

Part 22 – Lucifer season finale (TV), Captain America: Civil War (movie), Spanish omelette (foodporn), Limitless (movie and TV), focus (motivational)

Part 21 – Japanese curry chicken (foodporn and recipe), Supergirl season finale (TV), Cards Against Humanity (game), karaoke (fun), sleepy sex (kink)

Part 20 – Gumbo at Soul Kitchen (restaurant foodporn), Korean meatballs and kimchi pasta (foodporn and recipe), Italian surprise (naughty), surprise group play (kink), Irish breakfast (foodporn)

Part 19 – Cantonese home cooking (foodporn), beef noodle soup (foodporn), The Walking Dead season finale (TV), Eddie the Eagle (movie), fessing up (feels)

Part 18 – Supergirl and Flash crossover (TV), charred broccoli tacos (foodporn), date night (kink), cookies (feels), service sub’s come back (kink)

Part 17 – Restarting Fitness Blender (workout), job interviews (career mode), Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (movie), 24/7 (kink), Easter holiday

Part 16 – Sir Atticus – 20 Ways Sir Atticus Charmed the Furballs Out of This Kitten

Part 15 – sub explosion (kink), one year anniversary of being single (feels), Domme experience (kink), The 100 strikes of canes (kink), my first Trivial Pursuit win (nerdy)

Part 14 – the week I was sick and soft kitty

Part 13 – Room (movie), Steve Jobs (movie), Deadpool plush doll (nerdy), punishment (kink), The Oscars (movie award)

Part 12 – Hot Pot Party (foodporn), The Walking Dead (TV), Trumbo (movie), Carol (movie), The Big Short (movie)

Part 11 – The Magicians (TV), The Martian (movie), Valentine’s Day (feels), polyamory (kink), Deadpool (movie

Part 10 – Korean Style Chili Cheese Chicken (foodporn), Fitness Blender (workout), Lucifer (TV), The Danish Girl (movie), a bad session (kink)

Part 9 – Tinder (naughty), X-Files (TV), The Shadows by J.R. Ward (book), Spotlight (movie), The Revenant (movie)

Part 8 – New Approach (kink), meal prep (foodporn), books of 2015 (book), Creed (movie), Straight Outta Compton (movie)

Part 7 – Fitness Blender (workout), the Oscars (movie), The Hateful Eight (movie), favorite scar (kink), Rocky movies (movie)

Part 6 – Food in Guangzhou, China edition: Hot Pot, Shan Shi cuisine, dim sum, bakery, tea

Part 5 – China Edition, the good, the bad, the ugly

Part 4 – Supergirl (TV), the fry up (foodporn), parties, 5-week workout, origami (hobbies)

Part 3 – Fiskars Village (travel), Supersize vs Superskinny (TV), Kinky Advent Calendar (kink), Bible Black (hentai), Nirvana (port wine)

Part 2 – Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas (Youtube), Christmas beanie, five portion a day (food), grilled cheese sandwiches (foodporn), the cock (kink)

Part 1 – The Queen by Tiffany Reisz (book), shows about obesity (TV), Central Intelligence trailer (movie), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 2 (movie), the canes (kink)