The Sexy Glossary

Naughty Corner – vanilla stuff

The Girl’s Best Friend – vibrator review

Bad bad boys – sex stuff I don’t like

Lust At First Sight – the anatomy of sexual attraction

The Big O – the story of my orgasms

Kitten Manual – Ten Tips to Tame this Dame

Inappropriate Fantasies

Mr Hunter, part 1 – fictional story

In the Dark – erotic short story featuring kidnap play

A Day in the Future – a daydream about with my future Owner

Mr Hunter, part 2 – chapter 2 of the fictional story

“Dinner” by Princess Cinder – a guest pen short story

M – erotic short story inspired by Carol

The Dungeon – kinky stuff

R-E-S-P-E-C-T – a tale about respect in the BDSM community

“Liberation” isn’t the right word – the origin story of my awakening

When was the last time You did something for the First time? – my very first session

What Am I? – what I identify myself as kinky-wise

Dear Future Owner – a silly little parody to Megan Trainor’s song “Dear Future Husband”

When a Dominant says ‘rough’… – the roughest session ever

Ten Things Subs Want Their Doms to Know by MiaPiccolina from

What Goes Up Must Come Down – The Anatomy of Sub Drop

Sub Drop Survival Guide – sound way grander than it is

Previously On the Dungeon, part 1 – a recap of the first 10 sessions with my Dom

Soft Spot for Sadists – why I prefer sadistic Doms

Polyamory – Quality matters, quantity really doesn’t – story about this poly gal

The Pervy Bucket List – having goals is important in life

On the Other Side of Fear – exploring fear almost as a fetish

Enema – cos shit matters 😉 – one of the reasons why I love anal sex now

Previously on the Dungeon, part 2 – recap of the sessions 11-20 with my Dom

When a Dominant says ‘dirty’… – the dirtiest session ever

I’ll Be Ready in 5 – my top 10 pre-session rituals

Madame Catherine – France’s most famous Dominatrix – Vanity Fair article recommendation

The Perks of Being a Dominant

Kitten Manual – Ten Tips to Tame this Dame

Kitten’s Easter Surprise

Trust Issues

Is That A Thing? – Fetishes

Numbers Game – counting and pick-a-number game

Take My Breath Away – breath play

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – dacryphilia, fetish about tears

The Other Hole – the anal sex fetish

Humiliation – what methods of humiliation do to me

Watersports – playing with piss

Addicted to Purple – bruise and mark fetish

Humiliation, part 2 – when I was finally broken by humiliation

Kinky Advent Calendar 2015

Kitten Play – serving as a kitten

Discipline and Punishment – the importance of discipline or punishment in D/s relationships

The Adventures of Domme Kitten

Forced Orgasms – my journey from unable to cum during sex to being unable to control myself not to cum

Wartenberg Wheel – the wheel of evil

Deep Throat – mastering the art of blowjob 😀

Squirting – not letting your Dom to be the only one who has all the fun of cumming all over someone’s face 😉

Confessions of a Spanko – exploring the spanking fetish

Part 1 – The Brush

Part 2 – The Cane

Part 3 – The Riding Crop

Part 4 – The Flogger

Part 5 – The Hand

Part 6 – Dressage Whip

Part 7 – The Cane, part 2

The B in BDSM – exploring the bondage fetish

Part 1 – Rope

Part 2 – Duct tape

Owner Wanted – a documentation of my journey in finding my Owner

The Ad – my ad to find my Owner

That’s A No, part 1 Tripping

That’s A No, part 2 The Amount of Cheese

That’s A No, part 3 Extreme age play 

That’s A No, part 4 From Jeckyll to Hyde

That’s A No, part 5 Great Expectations

That’s A No, part 6 The Poet

That’s A No, part 7 The Smug


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