The Pervy Bucket List


Anal sex CHECK

Breath play CHECK

Crawling CHECK

Dacryphilia CHECK

Double penetration CHECK

Eye contact restriction CHECK

Face slapping CHECK


Golden showers CHECK

Hair-pulling CHECK

Kitten play CHECK

Kneeling CHECK

Leash – cos I love crawling anyways CHECK

Pegging – just because CHECK

Pussy worship CHECK

Rimming CHECK

Spanking – Me doing the spanking CHECK

Spanking – The Belt CHECK

Spanking – The Cane CHECK

Spanking – The Flogger CHECK

Spanking – The Hand CHECK

Spanking – The Paddle CHECK

Spanking – The Riding Crop CHECK

Spanking – The Whip CHECK

Speech restriction CHECK

Swallowing and playing with sperm CHECK

Wax play CHECK


Armbinders CHECK



Duct tape CHECK

Hogtied CHECK

Leather cuffs CHECK

Metal handcuffs



Spreader bars

Suspended in the air

Tied to the ceiling CHECK

Tied to the table/bed/chair CHECK

Tied together with another person

Tied up all day


Being a fuck toy for a day

Being a loan – being lend out by Owner

Role play – 1950 household – cos I’m a service sub who love those dresses

Role play – Age play – cos I look fucking good in pigtails and checkered skirt

Role play – Boss/Secretary – cos I am the real deal (I’m really a secretary)

Role play – Fear play – let’s get the adrenaline bumping

Role play – Rape play – cos I’m big on consensual nonconsent

Role play – Servant/maid /Master – cos French maid costumes are pretty

Sperm in every hole – cos sometimes a girl just wants to feel stuffed

Strap-on (me using) – cos a real woman can admit to cock envy once in a while

Voyeurism CHECK

Waking up to sex – cos that’s the best way to wake somebody

Group thingies:

A Dominant, a Domme and a sub

2 bi girls, 1 cock CHECK

3 or more girls, 1 cock

2 men, 1 girl

2 pairs


24/7 D/s – cos I want to be a good girl all the time

Being collared – cos isn’t that like every submissive’s dream?