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Eastwatch – GoT S07E05 review (quickie)

Ah, the filler episode of the season, where lots of tiny details are given to prepare for action oriented episodes to come. So because there are some many tiny details, I’m going to do a quickie review.

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The Spoils of War – GoT S07E04 review

Oh this season, it had really been so glorious for all fans. Episodes seem to be getting better and better. We’ve officially arrived at the middle of the season and with an episode ominously named ‘The Spoils of War’, I was expecting a lot. And oh did it deliver, did it ever indeed.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle bran and littlefingerWe began with the North, seeing the slimy Littlefinger trying to stir some drama between the Stark kids by talking to Bran, but was promptly shut the hell up by him. “Chaos is a ladder”. I didn’t catch it initially, and while it sounded familiar, I am apparently not a big enough fan cos I don’t remember exactly where that was from. Judging from Littlefinger’s dire reaction to Bran’s utterance, it’s not something he wanted to hear. So the Internet is here to help again and after a quick googling, ‘chaos is a ladder’ is from season three from a very intriguing and private conversation between Littlefinger and the Spider Varys. “Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder.” Bran quoted Littlefinger’s own words to him, unnerving him to no end. It’s definitely refreshing to see two of Westeros’s cleverest men having the rug pulled from under their feet, first Varys was taken aback by Melisandre’s words last episode and now Littlefinger by Bran in one simple quote. You could practically see Littlefinger’s miniature panic and wondering what else Bran might know. And we the audience know that Bran knows everything and he has all the chips in the world to scare the shit out of everyone. It remains to be seen how much and how often Bran would choose to share his knowledge and with whom. The little exchange between Meera and Bran right after broke my heart. Like Meera said, Brandon Stark died in the cave along with Summer and Hodor.

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The Queen’s Justice – GoT S07E03 review

Oh Gods, that was a good episode. Legendary encounters and bittersweet reunions. The episode kinda reminds me of a Tarantino movie: the action was impeccable but you know the gold and the heart is in the dialogue, and holy Mother of Dragon, were there great dialogues in this episodes, along with plot twists so well executed that it was enough to reignite my fire for Game of Thrones that season 4 and 5 had done a lot to put out. Now I’m truly excited for this season and the next season. Let’s beging, and spoilers are strong with this one.

What an opening scene. Jon Snow and Davos arriving at the Dragonstone and were greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. Jon and Tyrion’s time together back in the first season might be brief but they do have a special bond over the fact that they were both kind of like black sheep of their respective great houses. It was clear that the Bastard of Winterfell and the Dwarf of Casterly Rock have great respect for each other. Their chit chat at the beach and going up the stairs was brilliant. And then cue the dragon swooping down. 😀 That is so planned, khaleesi, you show off. Then came the legendary first encounter of Jon Snow and Daenerys.

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