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Session (S)infographic, Part 2

Another 20 sessions, so here’s another session (s)infographic! 😛 Check out the first one here. I stayed true to the style but there are some changes like instead of tracking His place or my place, I tracked our orgasm ratio. In that we see how selfless and giving Sir had been, with our orgasm ratio almost 1 to 3.5 in my favor. 😛 So giving! So nice! *halo emoji* So here it is, I hope it’s as fun to observe as the last one. 😛



Kinky Dungeon

Session (S)infographic, Part 1

A while ago, Sir Atticus and I had our 20th session. It’s not my first time to keep a hand-written session log, and I’ve written session recaps before here, but I don’t like to repeat myself. So I needed to come up with a fun way to recap the last 20 sessions, and then it hit me. An infographic! You know, those pretty visually beautiful charts and graphics full of information and statistics. I have the numbers and info ready, all I had to do is create my own infographic. And when I ecstatically told my idea to Sir, He told me not the miss the opportunity for a delicious pun. So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, incredibly time-consuming to make but the result is stunning, the first (S)inforgraphic. First part shows how often the said actions were performed. Then how much each spanking instrument was used, others include flogger, charging cable and leather paddle. Then comes info about where we did our kinky deeds. 😛 And pretty labels are for the first times I experience something with Sir. Then last but not least, a wee wall of words describing how I felt during those 20 sessions. 🙂 Hope you have fun reading this, as much fun as I had making it.

First Sinfographic
First Sinfographic created at

Correction: Hahaha the good people of China would be ashamed of me for making a numeric error like that! XD Can you spot it? 😀

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Trust Issues

I’ve written about respect, about fear, but I don’t recall writing about trust. After all it is the other bedrock of BDSM, of a D/s relationship, as a matter of fact, any kind of relationship: respect and trust. For me they come hand in hand, once I feel that the other person respect me, I almost automatically trust that person. So many times I’ve burnt myself, you would think that I would have bigger trust issues. I don’t. My issues are rather I trust in people too easily. My trust will be broken only after they have proven me wrong. My dumb logic is, if somebody is going to hurt you, they would do it anyways, sooner or later, no matter how long you spend building up that trust. So I rather it be sooner. I make reckless decisions, I am reckless. Continue reading “Trust Issues”