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Ask a Kinky Girl, Part 2 – Would you ever ‘go back’ to being vanilla?

Well, hi there. Welcome to Kinky Wednesday. *pretending shamelessly that I’m not one day late with this post* And as I stated in ‘Ask a Kinky Girl, part 1‘, I would do these if I have nothing planned for that week. Can’t leave the kinky stuff out, right? 😛 So here’s five randomly picked questions I found online and made them kinky. 😀

What is the sexiest mainstream movie you’ve seen?

I have to admit, I haven’t watched that many mainstream movies about BDSM. For the exact same reason I don’t watch BDSM porn, they are mostly very inaccurate about the lifestyle. But there is one that I actually really like: Secretary. I adore Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader is the original Mr Grey. Of course, even as the fan of the movie, BDSM should be sane and not everything is sane in this movie. Like this little scene towards the end where Gyllenhaal’s Lee kept her hands on the desk for days because Mr Grey told her not to move. No one has ever died from a little fasting, and any Dom out there would get aroused from the idea of a sub being that obedient, that was the only scene being unrealistic, but hey it made good a movie. 😛

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

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Day 7 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

Anal Play


Welcome to Day 7 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! Whaaat? Last year’s Day 25 aka number one got demoted to… *trying to calculate which number it is and got confused* well, Day 7! It’s a great example of my favorites changing according to my Dom. While Sir Atticus might crave anal play from time to time, it’s definitely not every time, and it’s not something that can be done extempore because He’s slightly too big for anal without proper warm up. Plus we don’t always see each other on weekends during when it’s possible to perform enema. But on those occasions when there is anal play or sex, it is very very intense, and almost always some form of double penetration too. Like yesterday when I had three vibrators on my lady parts, a vibrating egg in my vagina, a magic wand vibrator strapped against my clitoris with a leather belt and then a vibrating anal beads in my asshole. Let’s say that it was a pretty wild ride. 😛 And then anal beads out and some anal sex followed.

It’s safe to say that I still very much enjoy anal sex. Especially with a partner with some girth, it would constantly be on the edge of being too much and feeling too good. If you know how being cock-drunk means, then anal with Sir is usually the easiest way to get to that state. You know, the state in which you kinda slightly lose your mind, and your moans might become guttural and for the life of you, you would not know even your own name. In addition to all that, sometimes my vision would blur too, guess it’s as they say what ‘seeing stars’ is like. Plus, anal orgasms are quite unique. If clitoral orgasms are like slowly blowing up a balloon and then popping it with a pin (nice, slow and predictable), and vaginal orgasms are like filling up a water balloon until it burst real quick (less unpredictable, way faster and oh so wet :D), anal orgasms are like… filling up something that’s not that flexible, like a basketball with helium really really quickly and making a big bang out of it (comes out of nowhere, larger than life, and might make you scream louder than anything else). Each kind of orgasms have their own pros and cons, but I’m always a little scared of anal orgasms. Because there will always be a little fear that they would drive me insane.

I actually kinda prefer getting anal play just once in a while now, just because doing enema every week might not be good for the natural bowel movements and now I see it as more of a treat, a more festive thing to get because of all the preparation that is required. 😛 Just because it got demoted a little from last year doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Anal remains one of my 25 favorite fetishes, and I don’t see it ever going away. Read more about the topic at ‘Anal Survival Guide‘ and my enema guide – cos shit matters. 😉

Tomorrow, something that would make you speechless, on Day 8 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016. Welcome back! 🙂

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Halloween Special Short Story, Part 2 – Corrupt

Read part 1 here. Warning: the following short story fall under the category of erotic horror and it’s consist of graphic sexual content.



After that first night, my captor hasn’t touched me. In fact, he only came into the room he kept me three times a day, bringing me food and water. The room I was being kept wasn’t big, it has an old bed in the middle of the room and had an adjoining small bathroom and that was pretty much it. It didn’t have any windows, so I was pretty sure it was underground. The room was kept dark all the time, with small amount of light seeping through beneath the door from whatever was on the other side of the door. He took off the blindfold from my eyes but for me it was just the same, there was never enough light to see his face or much anything else. My ankle was shackled with chains to the steel frame bed that was bolted to the concrete wall, and it was just long enough for me to reach the bathroom but not quite reaching the door.

I lost track of time. The only reference was the meals, the day is over after the third meal. At first I tried to keep track of how many days I was kept prisoner, but finally I lost count after dozen or so. First few days, I completely freaked out whenever he entered the room, thinking that he came to do a repeat of the first night. Gradually, my uncontrollable fear towards him lessened. First, fear turned into rage, and I tried to attack him once when he brought me my food. With all my might, I attempted to punch him in the face, missing the center of his face and hurting my own wrist in the process. He didn’t retaliate, at least not physically. He just didn’t bring me any food or water for a long long time, so long that when he finally brought me a bottle of water, I hardly had the strength to lift the bottle. I gave up fighting, deciding that to survive, I needed to have my strength.

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