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The Twenty-Four Seven

On Fetlife, one of the biggest social website, like Facebook for kinky people, there’s one basic question you can answer on your profile, and that is how active of a whatever-you-are you are. The options are ‘just curious right now’, ‘curious and want to try’, ‘once in a while to spice things up’, ‘just in the bedroom’, ‘I live the lifestyle when I can’ and lastly ‘I live it 24/7’. Funny enough, right from the beginning, I already knew that my ideal Dominant/submissive relationship is going to be 24/7. Kinksters I’ve had contact with, many shy away from the 24/7 arrangement, most deemed it too demanding. It might be because the 24/7 I have in mind is slightly different than the norm? I’m not sure. The 24/7 D/s just means that my Dom never stops being my Dom, and there is no time of the day that I stop being His sub. It’s basically the same with the vanilla boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, there’s really no time off, right?

I’ve been asked, does that mean I’m calling Sir Atticus ‘Sir’ in every sentence and not look Him in the eyes ever when I’m with Him and does He get to tell me to do whatever whenever He feels like it? No, I don’t always call Him Sir, but when replying to an obvious command, then yes, I would address accordingly. And yes, I look Him in the eyes all the time, they are so blue and pretty that it’s hard to resist. But whenever there’s an energy shift, a power shift that I can practically feel on my skin, when He slips into His Dom-mode, eye-contact restriction is like breathing, it feels the most natural thing to do. And what comes to the whatever whenever thing, well, basically the answer is yes, so not choosing an asshole as your Dom might help in this one. The thing is, it’s very hard for me to say no, although I do have a bratty bone in me, so I do beg, negotiate, throw a tantrum and pout. Hardly ever any of those methods would work when His Domliness has set His mind of things, but luckily Sir Atticus is quite fair. He just likes to tease me a lot, and it doesn’t help me at all that my knee-jerk reflex is to believe whatever He says, thus making me a really easy target to tease.

Anyhoo, our 24/7 ‘arrangement’, well it’s not very arranged. We had never sat down to discuss the rules or restrictions or protocols, any structures we are in now just came into being in time, some right away, and some gradually. I don’t actually know any other couples in the 24/7 D/s relationship, except stories and blogs I read online, but I figured it would be fun to share how some features in our 24/7 D/s relationship. You know what’s coming, a list of course! Ten things about twenty-four seven! ๐Ÿ˜›

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Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 17 – work, job and 24 hours

Oh this is so late. And on the Kinky Tuesday slot too! So sorry about that, the Easter holiday kinda messed up my schedule bit time. Let’s get right on to the Weekly Obsessions of last week.

1. Restarting Fitness Blender
Yup, three weeks of being sick and then just a lazy ass, last week I finally restarted my morning workout routine. I managed three days of working out and I could feel every minute of that three missed weeks. On the third morning my body was yelling at me “Da fuck you think you’re doing, woman, go back to bed and do not move.” I mentioned about this to Sir Atticus, and He had actually named Himself as my personal trainer. I am to report to Him every morning, and He upped the challenge to six days a week. If this doesn’t kill me, it would cheesily and literally make me stronger by the end of this round of eight-week-workout routine. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Kinky Dungeon

Owner Wanted – That’s a No, part 5 – Unrealistic Expectations

I was going to write about the belt as a spanking instrument today, but I was going to very busy with work and no time to play with my Dom until next month (luckily tomorrow there’s one session ‘for the road’), so I’m going to save up all the kinky posts for the duration of the dry spell. And instead, yet again I bring you the crazy replies to my owner-seeking ad. This time’s theme: unrealistic expectations. My comments are in red. Let’s jump right in, shall we? I’m usually very fond of lists, but not really this time.

Woman who wants to submit as a real slave when you get to experience moderate pain for disobedience (moderate pain is not gonna cut it with this little one) and humiliation. You’re looking for someone who wants to use you. And you understand the following things. 1. A slave obeys every command. 2. A slave is ready to serve her master without complains. 3. A slave will tied up and collared. 4. A slave only moves around on all fours. 5. A slave eats / drinks from a bowl. 6. A slave is ready to submit to be a toilet slave. Will enjoy it when she can produce joy to others. A slave’s pleasure doesn’t really matter. A slave will be treated repressively, she will be given tasks and punished when needed. If you want to talk with me more, message me. I wish that in your message you will take notice that you are only a slave to me. I’m also interested in cyber slaving.

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