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Japchae – Noodle Goodness from Korea

I have had a long loving relationship with Japanese cuisine. It’s versatile, simple but beautiful at the same time, with fresh, quiet and delicious flavors. It’s usually very healthy too. Recently, I’ve become enamored with Korean cuisine. It’s louder than its neighbors’ cuisine, often spicy and has some strong vibrant flavours. Especially during the cold winter evenings, I would find myself craving for a spicy Korean stew. Although I do like them in summer too because I do love spicy food all year round. So for last week’s lunch meal prep I made japchae, aka sweet potato starch noodle.

Jukebox Friday

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

I’m a big fan of my girl Selena Gomez. She pretty much is the perfect specimen of my dream girl: girlie, sexy, tiny, extremely adorable inside and out, and she just looks like a little pocket-sized pint of pure fun. And she seemed to have found her own style in music and it’s always young, fresh and has a mighty hook that gets under your skin slowly but surely. Here’s her newest single Bad Liar, I can’t wait for her new album. Happy Mid-Summer!

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Is That a Thing? · Kinky Dungeon

Is That A Thing? – Scratching

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

How can something so simple feel so darn good?

When you think about scratching during sex, it’s usually the woman doing the scratching. The most familiar mental picture must simply be this: long fingernails dragging down a muscular back while the man on top. The sex is so good that the woman loses all self-control and she just has to grab onto something. Most of the time, the woman might not even be aware that she did that. I’m never aware when I do scratch my partner during sex, but with Sir Atticus, my hands are more often than not otherwise occupied, a bit tied up if you will. 😉

So the scratching I’m going to talk about today is different. First of all, it’s Sir who is doing the scratching. A while ago, we kinda accidentally discovered that I really really like Him dragging His nails down my back. My back is very sensitive, I break down easily from back flogging and there are tons of spots that are ticklish and would make me twitch involuntarily. Pain, tickling and involuntary muscle spasms combined create some really unique sensations that can’t really be otherwise described than extreme pleasure.

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