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My Reading Habits

Now that the Finnish government is gearing up for stricter measures to encourage social distancing in this little Nordic country, this week is the week I realize that need a temporary quarantine schedule. I’m doing 3-4 days a week home office, and visiting my work place only one day week max. I’m fortunate enough that my workplace is walking distance away and highly unlikely that I even see anyone at work. But I’m using this opportunity of ‘nothing to do’ period to strengthen the good habits I want to acquire and get rid of the bad ones. I’m treating this as a silent retreat of some sort, acknowledging that I am deeply privileged to be able to do so.

Now one of those good habits is, of course, reading. For the longest time, I used to read one book at a time, and I bring it with me everywhere. But the past few years, I slowly built a habit of reading multiple books at the same time. In fact, 4-5 books at a time. Here are my book slots. 🙂

The Kitchen Table Book

This is the book I keep at my kitchen table, and I mostly read it while I’m eating breakfast. Or waiting for water to boil. Right now, it’s this book called ‘What I Eat’, and it has beautiful photos of people’s diets around the world and their stories. I think it’s the perfect book for a quick read and it’s all about food. I have tons of cookbooks and books about food, but I’ve never actually read the stories in them. I’m planning to keep this spot for food books only.

The Office Lunch Book

I bring my own food and eat at the office most of the time. Sometimes some of my colleagues would do that too so I would chat with them. But sometimes when I’m by myself, I would read something while eating lunch. And for this slot, it’s all about non-fiction, usually something educational. Before, I read ‘Atomic Habits’, now I’m reading ‘Essentialism’. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to read one book but just like the Kitchen table book, I don’t mind it taking a while.

The Audiobook

This is the one I probably read most consistently. I read it when I’m commuting, when I go grocery shopping, when I’m cooking, and sometimes during work when I’m doing something that doesn’t require brainpower that much. Basically whenever I’m doing something with my hands or on the move. I listen to both fiction and non-fiction, and I finish one book almost every week that way. Audiobooks are truly how I can even attempt the 50 books a year.

The Lounge Book

I hardly ever had the time, but when I do, this slot belongs to short stories. Like if I have an extra 30 minutes until I have to go and do something else, I would read this book. Right now, book 9 of the Hot Blood series is in this slot. This is also a slot that takes quite a long time for me to finish one book.

The Bedtime Book

This is always fiction, and I choose something that requires my full attention. Right now, I’m reading ‘The World According to Garp’ and I’m loving it. Sometimes a book in this slot would be so good that it keeps me awake till late, but in those rare cases, losing precious sleep time is so worth it. Books in this slot takes me about a month to read cos I usually choose pretty thick books. I like big books and I cannot lie. XD

So here are my book slots. 😀 Do you read multiple books at a time too? If yes, what are your slots?

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