Jukebox Friday

River Flows In You – Yiruma

Sorry for missing Kinky Wednesday, but this was a very stressful week for me full of sadness, anger, confusion, frustration, worry and stress. I’ve tried my best to stay afloat, and try to stick to all the plans I made cos I know skipping them would just made me being stuck in my own head. This morning I escorted my mom to the hospital for surgery, they found a lump on her liver. They aren’t saying it’s cancer cos they can’t really know for sure before they cut it out. I’ve told only two people about this, cos I didn’t want anyone to ask me how my mom is doing. My ability to keep calm and be brave is resting on a really thin line right now and I didn’t want to risk to break it and in extension me breaking in the process. Also the whiplash-y relationship with Aidan did know help keep the calm, more like mentally exhausted. Maybe I will tell you guys all of it later. I chose the one song that has always soothed my soul. It has been with me for many years, whenever I’m feeling helpless, I listen to it and let it wash over me. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.


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