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Foodporn Monday – brisket chili, afternoon teas and birthday picnic

Oh man, one year older! 😀 Birthdays are like new years for me, the short period right after it, I will promise myself to be better and healthier etc. Well, that might not going to happen this week yet, cos it’s my last week of vacay! And last week, definitely not that healthy. 😛 Let’s take a look.

Ice-cream is part of the summer, right? I found this crazy thing in my local grocery store. They got a special patch of ‘Asian delicacies’: coconut ice-cream inside of coconut. It looks so funny. The ice-cream was pretty good. I have no idea whether the coconut is real or not, but the ice-cream that is actually touching the coconut tasted a wee bit bitter, so I guess it’s real? Those blueberries are just for photo-taking purposes. 😛

Then I got to try cooking with my new crock pot for the very first time. I bought a nice piece of brisket, and pretty much followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe for chili con carne. I did add some other spices in it, onion and garlic powder, and I completely forgot about the red onion. The taste was on point, but one big mistake though, I kinda forgot that cooking in crock pots and slow cookers require way less liquid than other methods of cooking. So my chili turned out a wee bit runny. And I ended up adding some sugar and salt in the end cos two cans of crushed tomatoes packed quite a lot of sourness in it. I have no idea whether crushed tomatoes have sugar in them in other countries, but the brand that I use don’t have added sugar in it. The meat was falling apart after 7 hours of cooking, and after adjusting with sugar and salt, it was very delicious. Next time I will definitely add less liquid, some sun-dried tomatoes and/or grilled paprika to add a more smoky flavor to the chili. Also, I wasn’t that sure of using brisket, I feel like some other cuts would be more flavorful. Gotta try it next time. I ate chili for dinner with some rice, tomato-cucumber salad and sour cream to cut the spiciness. And in the morning, I made a chili breakfast, I just added some red onion, an egg, and some cheese. It turned out pretty good. And cooking with the crock pot was really a delight.

There weren’t that many sunny days this summer, so I took full advantage of those sunny afternoons by lounging around my pretty pretty balcony. On the left you can see me celebrating cheese and wine day. I got a glass of Spanish red wine, my favorite type is tempranillo. And I got some beautiful manchego cheese, paired with fig jam, two dates with coconut flakes plus a few cherries. On the right it was a proper afternoon tea, without the tea though. I brew myself a strong cup of coffee and added some cream. Cos seriously, milk is just going to water it down. I toasted a tiny baguette bun and spread some raw butter on them. Just look at how pretty! A few pieces of manchego cheese again with fig jam and a handful of cherries. I know how to enjoy life! 😛

Last Saturday was International Chicken Wings Day and I celebrated by ordering some buffalo wings from my favorite wing restaurant that happens to deliver to my place now that I live near the center. I usually don’t like buffalo wings, but I don’t know what is up with this place, they must have some secret ingredient in their sauce, it’s freaking delicious.

In the morning of my birthday, I made a light breakfast, and couldnt even finish the bread because Sir Atticus promised me a birthday picnic so I wanted to leave some tummy space.

It was such a sunny day on my birthday and perfect for a picnic. I was pampered with some sparkling wine, bacon salad, potato salad and a delicious piece of chicken. One happy birthday girl. ❤


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