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12 Days of Chinese Food

Finally, the 12-day ordeal working at my parents’ restaurant ended last Thursday. And of course, the day right after the last day, I got a huge headache that last almost 12 hours. So as much as I wanted to get back on schedule with blog writing, I thought better to take it easy the whole weekend. But it’s Monday! And I’m finally on my summer vacay. Doesn’t feel like it at all but I’m sure I’m getting there.

One of the perks of working in a Chinese restaurant is of course the food. I hardly ever make Chinese myself, cos I try to have a low-carb diet and Chinese food just ain’t that good without a healthy portion of rice on the side. But working at the restaurant for 12 days, I naturally had to throw my low-carb rule out of the window and indulge in carb-tastic goodness. Here’s 12 days of Chinese food:

Here you go, hope you enjoyed this. 🙂 It’s Monday 17th of July, which means it’s Game of Thrones season 7 premiere! Yeah, in the US it’s on Sundays but for pretty much the rest of the world, it’s on Mondays. I’m off to watch it with Sir Atticus (yay!) and will start a new 7-part series for Tuesdays starting tomorrow to write episode reviews. I’ve done this before. Although not last year cos let’s be honest, last season had only two good episodes. But I have a feeling that season 7 would be great material. Fewer episodes mean fewer fillers, right? Let’s hope so. See you tomorrow.


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