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Is That A Thing? – Scratching

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

How can something so simple feel so darn good?

When you think about scratching during sex, it’s usually the woman doing the scratching. The most familiar mental picture must simply be this: long fingernails dragging down a muscular back while the man on top. The sex is so good that the woman loses all self-control and she just has to grab onto something. Most of the time, the woman might not even be aware that she did that. I’m never aware when I do scratch my partner during sex, but with Sir Atticus, my hands are more often than not otherwise occupied, a bit tied up if you will. 😉

So the scratching I’m going to talk about today is different. First of all, it’s Sir who is doing the scratching. A while ago, we kinda accidentally discovered that I really really like Him dragging His nails down my back. My back is very sensitive, I break down easily from back flogging and there are tons of spots that are ticklish and would make me twitch involuntarily. Pain, tickling and involuntary muscle spasms combined create some really unique sensations that can’t really be otherwise described than extreme pleasure.

Scratching, especially the back, had since become almost a staple for me Aiheeseen liittyvä kuvaand Sir. I happen to be in a convenient reaching distance during sex, scratching will happen. My ultimate favorite must be when He is taking me from behind. He would reach up and start from my shoulders. His nails are short so He would seriously dig His nails deep to inflict enough pain. Then He would drag them slowly down my back. And the mixture of feelings going on inside me is like a hurricane. His cock pumping inside of me is quite a lot for me to handle, but whenever He does the scratching, the sensations in my nether area would take a backseat. The focus would shift to wherever His nails make contact on my skin. I would go wild and panic as He goes near the sensitive points on my back that would always make my back arch. It’s an uncontrollable reflex, my back’s desperate attempt to get away from the sharp intruder. Of course, it’s no use. His nails would just follow the arch, sometimes digging impossibly deeper yet, and it would be the sweetest torture. And when He makes me arch my back like that, His cock would go even deeper into me, making me moan and scream. But His nails aren’t done yet. They would go lower, passing my lower back where I have one little spot that would trigger some interesting feelings in my bladder and that makes the penetration feel even stronger. Past my lower back, down my butt and all the way down my thighs until He couldn’t reach lower. His nails would leave a trail of fire, my back would burn red hot for quite at least half an hour. Longer still if He breaks the skin. Needless to say, I really love to carry His scratch marks the next day, and they would stay for days until they start itching when the broken skin heals itself.

My second favorite is when He pulls my hair with one hand and scratch roughly at my back with His other hand. And when my back involuntarily arches, He would pull my hair down even more, trapping me in the arch and making it a bit hard to breathe. There is more than one way to have breath play and sometimes the indirect ways are pretty arousing too.

Scratching, this is something I feel strongly that most girls are missing out. At least it had never crossed my mind to ask for it before from previous partners. It never occurred to me that it could be something that I like cos I’m not even a big scratcher myself. Or men have just been keeping this little secret to themselves as they enjoy all the scratching. Sneaky. Or maybe it’s just me who has been in the dark. Anyhow, I’m glad I’m out of the woods finally. 😛

Hope you enjoyed today’s little post. I might write something about my sexuality next week on Kinky Wednesday, I’m not sure yet. We shall see! Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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