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Mini Movie Reviews – horror, heroes and McD

I had a quiet season when it comes to movies, that’s what happens to me after the hectic Oscar season. But the last three weeks I got back into the game and watched 12 movies, so I guess I would resume writing mini movie reviews. I don’t have stuff to say about every movie, for those I’m just going to give one-sentence (or three) reviews and my rating. Let’s get the short ones out of the way first.

Paul (2011) – Another funny Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy movie, after fighting zombies and crazed villagers, it’s the aliens this time. Well, an alien. And his name is Paul. My IMDb rating: 7/10
Nine Lives (2016) – It’s a movie about a cute cat that has Kevin Spacey’s voice. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 😀 My IMDb rating: 6/10
Crush (2013) – A thriller that so forcefully jams a ‘clever’ plot twist down our throat that it was almost too painful to watch. Oh and if you plan to watch this movie, do not look too closely at the poster cos, yes the ‘clever’ plot twist is revealed on the fucking poster. My IMDb rating: 5/10
Vacation (2015) – A family road-trip movie with the typical cringy dad and overly hot mom plus two kids. Jokes are a bit tired and even lazy. The only delight was a hilarious cameo by Chris Hemsworth. Oh and the hilarious car. My IMDb rating: 5/10
Extraordinary Tales (2013) – Artistic animation based of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Different story’s animation is made by different style and all of them are stunning. I strongly recommend this piece, especially if you are even remotely fascinated by Poe like I am. My IMDb rating: 7/10
The Gift (2015) – The whole movie is built for the audience to wonder continuously louder ‘What is his deal’? The build-up is however a wee bit too long for me, that the big reveal almost felt anti-climatic. In addition that the two leading men were really poorly cast, it wasn’t convincing for me. But the story does have a lot of potential, at least it’s not as predictable than most movies like it. My IMDb rating: 6/10
The Dictator (2012) – I like to see ‘The Dictator’ as Sacha Baron Cohen last hoorah. His latest is just so bad that I simply choose to ignore it. I liked Ali G, I enjoyed Borat immensely and I love Bruno. The Dictator attempts at the same kind of humor but it’s obvious that Sacha’s style of comedy is getting old. It’s still entertaining for me to earn a decent rating. My IMDb rating: 6/10

Get Out (2017)

Jordan Peele’s directing debut is indeed surprising, cos I guess I’m not the only one who views him as a comedy guy. Especially the horror fan in me was super excited after hearing all the positive feedback about this movie and the trailer also got me all hyped up. The leading man, Daniel Kaluuya was very good at one of ‘Black Mirror’ episode, so I was convinced I was in for a ride. And I can’t say I’m too disappointed. I mean, it’s not ‘Saw’ and James Wan level of good. While quite entertaining in a disturbing way (which counts as high praise in horror jargon), it’s not exactly genre-ground shaking. I guess my biggest problem with ‘Get Out’ is, I’m left unsure whether it tried to take itself seriously and failed, or it was actually mocking the genre in a clumsy way. I’m used to my favorite genre to be laughed at, but if ‘Get Out’ is satire, it isn’t very well-made. But, I choose to see it positively, that’s why I gave it as high of a rating as I did. The general atmosphere building is decent for a rookie, while depending a tat too heavily on jump-scares. While the leading man was well-cast, as were all the servants, the biggest mis-cast was the mom Catherine Keener. I’m sorry Ms Keener, but she just doesn’t do creepy or scary very well. The camera work was worth praises, and from time to time, it can be even called stylish. However, the ending is slightly predictable as the unraveling of the truth can be predicted way before it’s time. Guess the timing of it all can be a bit better yet. All in all, I do applaud the attempt at this surprisingly challenging genre and ‘Get Out’ is more than enough for me to keep an eye on Jordan Peele’s future directing projects.
My IMDb rating: 7/10

Kuvahaun tulos haulle wiki poster wonder womanWonder Woman (2017)

My first reaction to Gal Gadot being wonder woman was that she was too slender. I’m not a big Wonder Woman fan, but in my mind she is this muscular Amazonian warrior that can even hold her own against Superman and Batman. One thing that DC knows how to do are good trailers and Wonder Woman’s trailer was amazing. She didn’t exactly make an impact on me in Batman vs Superman but it might also be because that movie was pure shit. But I was carefully optimistic that it wouldn’t a total disaster DC style after the overwhelmingly positive reviews started to roll in. I went, I saw and I was entertained. Does it deserve the standing ridiculously high 92% freshness at Rotten Tomatoes? Absolutely not. But was it the normal shitty like all DC movies since the Dark Knight? It wasn’t that either. Okay fine, it began very promisingly. I enjoyed the beginning of the movie, Diana’s very thorough origin story very much. The transformation from a naive but eager young girl to the warrior was given time and well-nurtured. Gal Gadot, despite my initial paranoia, is perfect for the role. She is capable of commanding the room with her presence, and her passion and compassion are palpable. One reviewer said online (unfortunately I don’t remember who) that Diana has the ability to fill everyone around her with purpose and pride, and that’s very true. And that made her really likable as a hero. The fight scenes in London and then at the no man’s land and then the little village, they were an absolute joy to watch. The movie all started to go to hell towards the ending, especially the big fight at the end. The beast that is the curse of DC movie universe reared its ugly head and it was also painful to watch the last 20 minutes of the movie. The biggest villain of the movie was such a big miscast that it would definitely top the list of miscast of all time. And I really didn’t care much for the romance part either. And there were moments here and there when I was a little bored, so the 2 hours 20 minutes definitely was in a dire need of trimming and tightening. It’s a pity though, cos Wonder Woman had all the potential to be a wondrous movie. And just because it exceeded the low standard of DC movies doesn’t mean it’s without some major faults. But I do say that it’s the right direction they are heading.
My IMDb rating: 6/10

Kuvahaun tulos haulle wiki poster the founderThe Founder (2016)

I’m a big McD fan so naturally, the story of its rise to fame interests me. The Founder is a really well-made movie that depicts the fascinating story of the McDonald brothers and how their legacy became a global giant. I have to warn you though, it’s not a pleasant one, and I believe that if the brothers were still alive today, they wouldn’t be very pleased what their heart and blood turned into. So be warned, it’s not exactly a pleasant story. But I have to admire the tenacity of Michael Keaton’s Ray Kroc. He was ruthless and relentless, and in a twisted and unfair way, he really deserved the huge empire he built. Michael Keaton was of course flawless in his portrayal of Ray and he was a joy to watch. It’s the ultimate American dream and The Founder is pretty much the proof that everything can be achieved if only you are ready to work for it.
My IMDb rating: 7/10

Kuvahaun tulos haulle wiki poster #horror

#Horror (2015)

Once in a while there comes a movie that would make me question my die-hard loyalty towards horror, and #Horror is definitely one of them. Utterly annoying, poorly made movie filled with terrible writing and wannabe-cool cuts and flashes to a game indicating that the characters in the movie was indeed playing a game. But the game is never really explained how it works. And oh my God, are 12-year-old girls really that fucking obnoxious and annoying? Well, not that the adults are any better, they are annoying as hell too. The whole movie was full of plotholes and there was no doubt in my mind who the killer was, it was so clear. The acting was loud and theatrical, the only known actor was Chloë Sevigny and I really don’t get why she would agree to be part of this monstrosity. #Horror is a gross attempt to be a social statement but it only succeed to adding to the long list of shitty movies that give horror a bad name.
My IMDb rating: 2/10

Kuvahaun tulos haulle wiki poster power rangersPower Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers was the show of my youth and with all of its cheesiness it was super fun to watch. So when they announced the reboot of the franchise with an updated movie, I was secretly excited. I went in without any expectation for it to be good, and I was so pleasantly surprised. Out of all the recent reboots of popular franchises, Power Rangers had a surprising amount of heart. The five rangers cast were all unknown to me, but they played their parts quite well. Although most of them look a lot older than teenagers, that’s about the only complaint I have about them. Most of the movie concentrated on introducing the leads to us, and them getting to know each other and the friendship that forms between them was believable and organic. I believe that they would give their lives for each other. And because they took the time and didn’t put on their armors and got in their giant robots until towards the end, they had me rooting for them full force. I even got a little sentimental when the distinct theme song from the good old days was blasting on screen ‘Go Go Power Rangers’. The ending is purely paying homage to larger than life fights that Power Rangers were all about. I gave it such a high rating because the story was smooth, and leads were likable and their chemistry was genuine. It’s even refreshing to see that they aren’t trying to make it too cool, cos after all, it’s Power Rangers. 😛 It was thoroughly entertaining and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m happy to say that I am excited see more.
My IMDb rating: 7/10


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