Jukebox Friday

Puddles Pity Party – The Sad Clown with the Golden Voice

Today’s Jukebox Friday is going to be a little different. Instead of putting on one song to introduce to you, I want to introduce someone; Puddles Pity Party. Puddles has been a star on Youtube for a long time, but then this past week, he popped up at the new season on America’s Got Talent and he captured everyone’s heart. If you haven’t already seen the video that must have become viral by now, let’s watch it first.

Here’s the thing, I hate clowns. They are creepy and fake-happy and sometimes downright scary. But I have a special place in my heart for Puddles, because sometimes, genuine sadness can be soul-healing and entertaining at the same time. In this time and date when everything is so hectic and everybody’s so stressed, Puddles offers something not for your brains to relax, but to your heart. You might’ve have seen this clown singing on Youtube especially with my favorite cover band ‘Postmodern Jukebox‘. His versions of such hits as ‘Royals‘, ‘All the small things‘ and ‘Stressed Out‘ among others. But like usual, Puddles is best when seen live.

There’s one word to describe Puddles’s act: eureka. He’s a giant (2 meters tall, 6 ft 8 inches) of a man dressed as a clown and always carrying a suitcase with his name on it and a small LED lantern. He never talks, just gestures and makes expressions. People’s initial reaction to him is almost always either mild amusement or complete ignorance. But once he opens his mouth to sing, the collective amazement and delight from the crowd is palpable, and the crowd becomes his audience. And even the most clown fearing member of the audience would be captivated. There are many good singers out there, some can sing with perfect technique and some can make you dance. Then there are singers who would pour their heart and soul out with their songs and Puddles is one such singer. And by presenting his heart to the audience, he touches ours. I would love to see his show one day. Lastly, here’s one of his live performance and he sang one of my favorite song ‘Hallelujah’, which is a very difficult song to perform right. It’s a song that requires emotions, not just a good singing voice, alas a perfect song for Puddles.


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