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Is That A Thing? – Anal Hooks

Aaaand we’re back with the naughty stuff! This time, it’s all about the little metal hook. I have to admit, if nothing else, anal hooks enable some pretty stunning photos. They actually remind me of a Dom I’ve chatted with a long time ago, back when I was still looking for Doms. He was really into anal hooks, and it might be just that that made me a wee bit hesitant to meet up with him in person, because I used to hate anything anal. But then again, it’s also timing, because twice when he was like ‘let’s meet up’, I was already involved with another Dom.

So anal hooks, after I no longer hate anal, I do have to wonder what took me so long to venture into actually trying it. I remember, not long ago, when Sir Atticus presented his new toy to me, a simply one ball anal hook, I felt a tinge of excitement mixed with fear. Because anal hooks always involve some pretty intense looking bondage. And I was a little worried that my long hair would be too slippery for tying up. Some time passed and I managed to forget all about the hook, until one nice evening when I found myself tied up standing on my tippy toes, my wrists tied up leather cuffs to the ceiling hook, when Sir whispered the words all subbies would always equally love and dread to hear at the same time: “Oh, I got an idea.” Especially when you are a little tied up.

It was quite a tight position I got myself into. As I shared before, I was already tied up standing on my tippy toes, my kitten collar around my neck and some duck tape on my mouth. I was practically immobile, unable to make any other sounds than moaning. By then, my ass had already been opened up with other toys when I felt something cold against my heated and sensitive hole. I have to admit, I’ve had many different kind of toys inside of me, but a rounded object made with metal, that’s something new. The coldness of it created delicious little sensations. I initially had no idea what had just been inserted into me. Then I felt a sharp tug of my hair and it makes my head fall backward. My collar became tighter around the strained muscles of my neck and it was gently choking me. The tugging continued quite some while, but I still didn’t have any idea what was going on. But then the tugging stopped although my hair felt tight, like it was on a high pony tail or something. It was of a reflex to lift my head a little, cos the position was getting making me shoulders ache ever so slightly. To my surprise, my hair caught on something, and when I tried harder to pull my head up, the metallic object my ass also went up deeper into me. I whimpered and moaned, as it finally dawned on me that the thing in my ass must be an anal hook.

I can seriously say that the next 10-15 minutes, might be shorter or longer, I have a little collection of. There might have been sex, Sir Atticus might’ve taken me from behind with the hook still attached, but I can’t remember. There was definitely some spanking, maybe with a flogger, I’m not sure. But I remember vividly the pain caused my something made me dance a little bit, and whenever I moved, the pain and pleasure combo intensified. The pain was coming from the spanking, the strain of muscles on my shoulders, arms, back and neck. I tried to desperately bring some relief to my shoulders by forcing my head upwards, and that would just make the ball of the anal hook pressed against places so deep that it would make my legs go weak from the almost-crossing-the-line kind of pleasure. And when my legs wobbled from the sensation deep inside of me, it would pull on the cuffs and my arms would be stretched and that made my shoulders strained more. And then it would all go all over again. If you tied up a subbie right, the anal hook would torture him/her just by being in place. Finally, the choking of my collar started to get to me, the strain on my shoulders and arms also started to hurt. It must have been my pitiful little whimpers that caught Sir’s attention, and I got some release.

It’s safe to say that my first encounter with this toy was pretty intense. It brought the new aspect of helplessness to the bondage aspect. It made me struggle, it made me panic a little bit, it made me feel trapped and vulnerable, and those, in turn, aroused me a lot. Although the shoulder pain and the choking of the collar distracted me a bit from completely concentrate on the power of the anal hook, it did make an impression. I can’t wait to try it in different positions, like on my stomach or on my knees. And combining other things with the hook like vaginal sex, oral sex, spanking, orgasms and such would be also very interesting. It’s a distant fantasy because it’s not easy to find the needed equipment, and that is whole body suspension that also involves an anal hook. I’ve always been fascinated with whole body suspension but I believe that the hook would add to the already intense experience. Well, maybe some day, right Sir? 😛

It’s been a while that I wrote anything about fetishes or anything naughty. I’ve been busy, then stressed and then busy again. Sir has also been stressed about His own stuff so His head is not into playing with His kitten as often. So I hope you enjoyed this long due ‘Is That A Thing’ addition. And I’ll be sure to write part two when I get more encounters with the might anal hook. Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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