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Foodporn Monday – falafel, arctic char and sushi sandwich

This is so late! I’m super busy with the move coming up and I’m seriously thinking about taking a couple of weeks of break from posting and I will start posting again with a house tour! 😛 Well, we shall see, but do expect irregular posting the following weeks. But now, some foodporn.

I was left day-dreaming about good falafels after the Sandro burger, so I got myself some falafel balls from my local supermarket. They turned out pretty good, I mushed them up with a fork and jammed them between a pita bread, with some cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, coriander and tzatziki sauce on top. It had some good flavors but turned out that I didn’t like pita bread, at least not plain ones from the package. 😛

So on the next few days, I cut up the pita bread and fried them up in butter and garlic, making them into small garlic bread sticks to accompany all of the other ingredients I have left. Basically, I deconstructed the falafel pita bread and made it into more of a salad. And it was so delicious that I brought the same food to share with Sir Atticus too.

Fast-forward to the weekend breakfast. I changed my training schedule to have two short workouts during weekdays and then one long workout on Sunday. And last Sunday I sweated my ass off for almost 90 minutes and I was starving afterward. So I decided to make an epic breakfast/brunch. I fried up a little piece of arctic char and simply fried it in butter, salt and pepper with some chives on top. Then two fried eggs, and I baked up an avocado with cheddar shredded cheese on top. To treat myself, I had some full-fat Greek yogurt and fresh mango. It was a deeply satisfying breakfast well-earned after a hardcore workout. 😛

Then I tried something new on the weekend, sushi sandwich! They are everywhere! So when I decided that this week’s lunch meal prep is the Korean bibimbap style meal, so from the leftovers I can make some delicious sushi sandwich. For my Sunday dinner, there is sesame chicken and cucumber in one sandwich, and then in the other some braised pork belly, lotus root and pickled ginger and spinach. They were insane good! Can’t wait to make more during the week and take very pretty pictures from them!


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