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Foodporn Monday – curry, pesto and hamburgers

*pretending it’s Monday* I hope you have a fantastic start of the week. Let’s jump right in cos the food situation was awesome last week.

For lunch meal prep last week, I made Panang curry with meatballs, green beans, and butternut squash. I found some black rice ramen noodles from the supermarket and I figured it would taste good with curry. And they did taste pretty good. And what a lovely dark violet color, almost black. They were also bouncy in texture right away when I ate them after cooking, but I knew they might stick together later on, so I added a generous amount of sesame oil. They still kinda did stick together but not that much. Don’t forget to rinse under cold running water too after cooking. I bet they would be quite delicious as cold noodles in the summer then, can’t wait to try it out. The Panang curry I got back on my Whole30 month from a store that sells organic stuff, and the sauce paste tasted pretty bland. I’m not a big fan of Panang curry anyways. But for me curry is like pizza, even when it’s just okay, it’s still good. To add some contrast color to make the lunch box even more appetizing, I sprinkled some green onions on top and threw in a few cherry tomatoes and voila! 😛

Then for last week’s dinner, this little colorful mess on the plate. 😀 I came by this super simple yet delicious recipe online, and decided to make it and switch it up a little bit like I almost always do. I found chili red pesto in the store, so I used that and some heavy cream. Got a pound of chicken thighs, cut them up into thick strips, throw in a bag of kalamata olives and half a jar of grilled paprika in oil that I happened to have in the fridge. Chopped up some feta cheese on top an into the oven for about 25 minutes. I pre-fried the chicken in butter and just a little bit of salt and garlic. I would suggest you leave the salt out if the pesto and olives you got are on the saltier side. As a side dish I got a huge red cabbage, chopped it up and stir-fried it with a huge bag of kimchi. I finished it up in the oven with some shredded cheese on top. I was just going to eat that as is, but then my chicken pesto casserole turned out a little bit salty, I figured I could make some brown rice to go with it, although I do try keep my main meals low carb. But it went so well with the rice, and I usually just eat maybe 1/3 a cup of rice so I don’t feel too bloated afterwards. It’s really a simple recipe, and I planned to make some more with a little bit of change, like putting mushrooms. As long as the four main ingredients stay the same (red pesto, cream, olives, feta cheese).

So last Wednesday, Sir Atticus and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It’s crazy how fast time passed. We went to Sandro, a restaurant I visited earlier with my colleagues and fell in love with. It’s specialized in North Africa and Middle East flavors, and we both got a burger but with different fillings; spiced pulled duck and crispy fried chickpea patty. The pulled duck is a wee bit on the dry side for my taste, anything pulled is usually dry-ish, but it was very aromatic and the spice is very tasty. But the chickpea patty was phenomenal. You falafel balls? It tasted just like them, but only when they are the best falafel I’ve ever tasted. It was juicy, crispy and just enough spice and not too salty. And the burger buns! I usually leave out the bun, not because it’s carbs, it’s because it isn’t very good usually. But this bun tasted home made, crispy on the outside and underneath and so and fluffy in the center. The sesame seeds were toasted and the bun alone tasted so good. In Sandro, the main spotlight is always stolen by the sides, and hummus and pesto and cinnamon pumpkin are excellent. The trendy hamburger places had been popping up like mushrooms after the rain all over town, but almost all of them are over-rated in my mind. The biggest problem is the timidness of those restaurants to use spices. Most places brag about their juicy meat patties. Here’s the thing, I’ve never eaten a mince meat patty that is flavorful. They might be juicy sure, but they almost always lack spices. Relying on sauces and mayo is kinda like cheating. You can charge me 16€ from a burger if every single element in the burger is good. So when most place only have decent buns and an okay patty, what is left after that? 😀

 Then let’s talk breakfast. I’ve been really lazy to make new things for breakfast as I’m trying to fast most days of the week, so I usually skip breakfast. Then I saw a video on Facebook about baked avocados, and thought it to be the perfect breakfast for my high-fat, low-carb diet. One medium sized avocado (cos I can’t find big avocados anywhere), halfed it, scraped out some meat to make a bigger hole in the middle and put one egg in both. Ideally you should be able to fit a whole egg in half of an avocado, but as I said, I couldn’t find big avocados anywhere. And my eggs were huge. Anyways, I dropped a few pieces of chopped cherry tomatoes and sprinkled a very generous amount of shredded cheese on top. Oh and some salt on the egg before the cheese. Then popped them in the oven for 15 minutes in 200 celcius, or until the cheese looks golden on top. It’s simply divine! I love the taste, the slight smokiness that the avocado turned into after it’s baked, the sweetness of the tomatoes and melted cheese! I also topped it off with some chives to make it look pretty too. It’s so delicious, so fulfilling and kept me full until lunch easily. Ideally, this breakfast would contain one big avocado and two eggs, and some recipes had bacon bits too, but I guess this have endless possibilities. I just hope I can find bigger avocados somewhere.

That’s it for this time. I will try to be a better blogger this week. 😛


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