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Foodporn Monday – grilled chicken and Irish breakfast

Last week’s lunch meal prep was pretty boring cos I was just lazy. I got a whole grilled chicken from my local supermarket and just made various veggies to eat with the chicken I shredded by hand (which is so freaking fun). I made some juicy eggplants (find recipe here), fried up some zucchini in garlic, salt and oil. Into the frying pan went some kale sauteed in beef stock and goose fat. And then some carrot and celery sticks stir fry, plus some broccoli cooked in the oven. Most of the time, I like to cook veggies separately, because veggies cook in different time, so to make delicious veggies that are all cooked to perfection, you gotta do them separately. I love to have lots of different colors on my plate because in my head, colorful means healthy and appetizing. That’s why I usually get different colored veggies and fruit, because presentation is important. And of course, they make a prettier Instagram picture. 😛 However, the chicken and veggie thing got a little boring towards the end of the week, so I made some corn soup with the left-over grilled chicken. Can’t go wrong with cream of chicken canned soup that Sir Atticus brought me all the way from the US. One can left! I have to treasure it.

It’s one and a half months later from my Whole30 diet, and I’m still trying to keep most of my main meals mostly low carb, some protein and more fat than ever. I wouldn’t say I’m keto, because I eat too much carb to be keto. I still treat my phase to be experimental as of now, I haven’t settled on anything permanent yet. I guess what I eat is going to be an ever-changing and evolving thing. But I really treasure the food freedom that Whole30 made possible for me, as in I didn’t crave carbs and sugar as I did before. The reason I’m reluctant to go full-keto is because I don’t want to live in restriction. That is why I went on to fasting, I fast around 16-20 hours at least four days a week. On days I don’t do workout in the morning, I would fast. And I’ve gotten so used to the fasting that I wanted to bring back certain carbs I craved during the diet for my eating window, and high fat yogurt and rye bread are my priorities. So after this long intro, here’s two pieces of tuna rye break smothered in cheese and tomato and broiled into perfection in the oven. And I sprinkled some chives on top to make it look real pretty. But the best thing on this rye bread is unseen in the photo, there was some heavenly Irish butter spread all over that rye bread and that’s what made the bread so freaking delicious.

 And talking about the Irish butter, which is truly the best butter in the world, I just had to treat myself to some Irish breakfast on the weekend. No, I didn’t have any Irish bacon (which is so good also) nor do I have any Irish sausages. What I had was only the butter, and in a generous amount of it I fried up some very good chicken bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages with three different seasonings (chili, cheese, chorizo) and some sunny side up eggs. And of course, some good old white beans in tomato sauce. I didn’t get any toasts though, because I still couldn’t bring myself to get white bread. Mostly because I didn’t really have an appetite for the toast while I was grocery shopping, but oh did I want some crunchy toasts while I was eating the beans. Damn you beans for going so well with white bread. 😛


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