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Foodporn Monday – kimchi beef stew and a little piece of luxury

2017-02-26-20-49-12I did an epic meal prep where I made lunches and dinners and a couple of breakfasts too already on Sunday a week ago. For lunch, I made tonkatsu, which is Japanese style pork cutlets. I had some delicious fatty pork chops sliced thin and dipped in potato starch, then egg and then panko bread crumbs. I didn’t deep fry them, maybe shallow fried? 😀 I just used a half inch of oil and it did the job beautifully. I made a huge batch so it did take me a while but it was super crunchy the first time I ate them. Of course, they didn’t stay crunchy on the following days but the secret with Japanese panko bread crumb is that they don’t suck up the oil so even if they aren’t crunchy anymore late, they aren’t oily either. And I’m sure they could be made crunchy again in the oven but they were lunches and my office didn’t have other than a microwave. With the tonkatsu, I made some Japanese vegetable curry to accompany the meat. I used two medium sized potatoes and a small sweet potato, I left out the rice so a little starch didn’t make me unwell. I also added some celeries and spinach. For the curry, I just got a package from an Asian store, and the base I used some chicken stock. To top it all off, I put some shiracha mayo on the tonkatsu. I kept the salt on the minimum because I’m not eating any rice with it.2017-02-27-19-26-50

Then for dinner, I was in the mood for something spicy and warming and Korean spicy stews had become one of my comfort foods. This time, I added some beef, a lot of kimchi, some firm Korean tofu, four different kinds of mushrooms (shiitake, white, enoki and king oyster). I used more chicken stock as the base of the stew, and some Korean rice cakes as a thickener. The spice comes from a generous amount of Korean chili flakes and Koren chili paste gochujang. And of course, the spicyness from the kimchi. I find Korean stews very accommodating when it comes to ingredients, you can put basically anything you want in it. I usually just make sure it has kimchi, because some good kimchi would give the stew an umami and deep flavor that you really can’t get from anything else. If you don’t like spicy much, you can leave the chili flakes and paste out but keep the kimchi. Some kimchi in a big pot of stew wouldn’t make it that spicy. As a protein, you can use any meat you want, or make it vegetarian with just the tofu. Rice cakes are a perfect addition to thicken your stew, and when you leave out the rice, a little bit of rice cake would still keep your stew meal low-carb.

2017-03-02-19-01-41 I happened to visit a store in the middle of the week that I don’t usually visit. It’s just a regular supermarket but it is situated in the center of the city so it has lots of exotic fruits and products to suit the diverse clientele that visit the store regularly. And I found some fresh figs! You have no idea how rare fresh and ripe figs are in Finland, it almost feels like that all of them are taken my various high-end restaurants and none of them are left to the regular consumer. It wasn’t cheap though, but I still couldn’t stop myself for buying a few, especially when I remember my little piece of manchego cheese waiting for me in my fridge at home. So in the middle of the week, I had a little piece of luxury as dessert. The figs were very fresh and quite ripe although they weren’t super sweet. But paired with the cheese, it was so lovely. 😛

On the weekend, I had some colorful omelette as dinner. I bought2017-03-04-20-22-33 a whole grilled chicken from my local supermarket, shredded it and used most
of it for meal prep for this week and the rest I made into stir fry with some onion and paprika and spinach and stuffed it all into a cheddar omelet. Omelets are really my go-to whenever I just want to clean out my fridge of left-overs. Originally I was going to make some egg tacos, but like I always do, I made too much stuffing for the taco and it turned into an omelet. 😀

Another tasty week done, and another coming up. Have a nice week!


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