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Foodporn Monday – sushi, mämmi and mealprep

Oh boy, the Oscars. Well, I’m going to talk about it later this week. Let’s focus on food for now. 🙂

2017-02-23-11-46-38Ever since the Whole30 diet where I gave up everything grains so no bread. And when it ended after January, I really didn’t want to eat white bread or even whole wheat. But luckily, I live in the cold North, and we got something called rye bread. It is made from rye, obviously, and packs less than 1% sugar. Rye bread is one of those things that I miss from Finland whenever I’m traveling abroad for a longer time than a week. Although I’m probably not going to eat it regularly, I would like to have a piece or two once in a while. And when I do bread, I take my bread toppings seriously. 😛 Here we have a whole avocado, mashed up and placed on the pieces of rye bread. Placed on top some pretty delicious slices of smoked salmon. And then just some vibrantly green salad to make it pretty. 🙂 I ate this gorgeousness with some not so photogenic chicken and corn soup. Avocado is a great way to get your fat and it goes beautifully with some salty smoked salmon. And it’s pretty perfect at cutting the fatty mouth-feel of smoked salmon, adding mayo or butter would have been a little too heavy, especially when I ate it with some buttery and creamy soup.

2017-02-23-16-41-16And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the Finnish national treasure mämmi. Click the link if you are interested in how it’s made. Many think that mämmi looks nasty, dark brown, with a grainy texture, I’ve heard that it is supposed to look unappetizing, often compared to looking like a turd. Well, I don’t know what your turd looks like, but if it looks anywhere near mämmi, go to the doctors. 😀 Needless to say, I happened to be a big fan of mämmi, maybe because I like the taste of rye. And one of the biggest brand of mämmi in Finland, Kymppi Mämmi, is celebrating their 50th anniversary, thus they made ice-cream from mämmi. Although the thought of mämmi ice-cream sounds delicious, after all, the regular mämmi is traditionally eaten with heavy cream. Surprisingly, I didn’t like the ice-cream version as much as the regular mämmi. It’s eaten around Easter so they are selling it all over the stores right now. The regular mämmi has around 10% sugar, so I can’t possibly eat this delicacy unless I want to feel bloated and terrible days afterwards. Unless I find the legendary organic mämmi that has no added sugar in it and consists only 2% sugar that is created naturally in the process of making mämmi. The hunt begins!

2017-02-24-11-24-30There are a new lunch business taking place at my office. A small company called Sushi Box first started delivering sushi boxes to our neighboring company, and they just knocked on our doors one Friday and asked whether we wanted some fresh sushi too. They had been coming for a few weeks now and finally last Friday I tried one of their boxes, mainly because I really like their business idea of free delivery. That’s really not a thing in Finland, which is a pity because not everyone wants to go wander outside when it’s cold cold winter looking for lunch. The sushi was pretty decent, firm enough, the rice needs a bit more flavor and the salmon fattier. The rolls are good, and the egg sushi nigiri, which is usually my least favorite, was surprisingly good. It was silky smooth and tasted home made. It was Friday, and I had a hard boiled egg and some salad left-over from lunches on previous days, so I made myself a little egg salad with some hot sauce. And a wee yellow plum as dessert. While the sushi was pretty good, there was no much fat in this meal, so after one hour I was already hungry. In case I would buy sushi boxes from them again, I need to bring some fat to the table. Maybe an avocado to go with the sushi.

2017-02-26-20-46-22On Sunday, I was busy meal prepping. I was very well prepared this time, and I had all the groceries I need on Saturday. I saw a meal prep video online about chickpea veggies frittata so I made it as breakfast. For lunch, I prepared curry tonkatsu, which is fried porkchops and I made veggie curry to go with the pork. For dinner, I made a Korean kimchi stew that I love. All of the food is low-carb and packs a decent amount of fat. I’m going to write more about them next Monday, since they are going to be the food I’ll be eating this week. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the foodporn and stay tuned for the Oscar coverage post later this week. 😉


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