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Stranger by Night (#6 Hot Blood Series) – Book review, part 2/2

10788282And the Project Hot Blood continues, a little reading project to go through a 13-book series of erotic horror short stories. I’ve already read five books of the series, and you can read my previous reviews and some info about the reading project here and the reviews of the fifth book can be read here for part one, and here for part two. Let’s continue on book six now, ‘Stranger by Night‘, read part one here. Spoilers kept to the minimum.

Hot Phosphor
John B. Rosenman
A story about online dating, stalking and cyber sex. 😛 And it’s also a story about the victim deciding to take the power back. A tat too long for my taste, like the part of a stalker from the mall was something that can be left out altogether to make the story tighter.
Length: 22 pages
Level of Sex: 2
My rating: 7 out of 10 

Lucy Taylor
A nice lady having take-outs, if you know what I mean. 😉 Not only men can enjoy the company and convenience of call-girls. From the beginning, the story made it clear that something is going to go wrong, it’s just the matter of when and what. I really enjoy the Dominatrix-feel to the story, even though the male prostitute has a rude attitude. After the various kinds of very kinky sex, I was pleasantly surprised about the ‘wrong’ thing in the end. And I was also thoroughly entertained.
Length: 14 pages
Level of Sex: 5 Kinky, lady in control
My rating: 8 out of 10 

Five Card Stud
Michael Newton
A story following quite straightforwardly the pattern of horror stories in which they reveal things step by step in the form of dialogue. Not a bad pattern, it’s just a too safe of a choice for the Hot Blood series. Two girls, one guy, lots of booze and playing strip poker. Most of the action, both erotic and horrific, is left to the reader’s imagination. Not my favorite brand of horror, I like the blood and gore too much.
Length: 10 pages
Level of Sex: 1
My rating: 5 out of 10 

Video Date
Jeff Gelb
I have no idea why I still get my hopes high whenever I see Jeff Gelb (aka the editor of the Hot Blood series) and his work in the said book series. They had long stopped being anything special, and ‘Video Date’ is just another mediocre story that just seemed a little lazy. It’s about the creepy kind of a man that sexually harass the cashier of a video renting place by constantly renting naughty dirty movies. Then a little lame twist in the end. Let’s move on.
Length: 13 pages
Level of Sex: 1
My rating: 5 out of 10 

Yvonne Navarro
A looong story with an equally long build-up, or what you think is a build-up but I wouldn’t call it a build-up cos it really built up into nothing ground-breaking. It’s one of those annoying stories that didn’t give you any answers and the ending is just very frustrating and felt a bit like it was a total waste of time. What would you do if a beautiful stranger jumps into your car while you are waiting for your partner of years in the train station to go on a weekend away trip? How miserable of a life do you have to have that a stranger can make you impulsively leave your partner of long time stranded and you go to the weekend trip with the said stranger? I simply can’t imagine myself putting myself in such a situation. Lucky me, I guess. 🙂
Length: 24 pages
Level of Sex: 1
My rating: 5 out of 10 

Dead Girls In Love
Edward Lee and Gary Bowen
This is a fun one, a little immature but then again, what can you expect from dead teenage girls, right? It’s about two sisters who both died in a car accident. But then they found out that while they were pronounced dead and buried, they weren’t quite that dead after all. While trying to make peace with the fact that they might be stuck for all eternity being living dead trapped in their grave, with only each other for company… sounds quite terrible. But then they figured out that they actually dated the same guy before they met their unfortunate demise. Then the same guy actually came to visit their graves, but not to pay his respects. No, sir, oh no, quite the contrary. And this sparked some delightfully imaginative torture, with a twisted ending as the cherry on top, I loved this fun little story.
Length: 14 pages
Level of Sex: 2 but 5 for the horror 😀
My rating: 8 out of 10 

Getting wet
Alexa deMonterice
It has potential, only if the big reveal in the end is bigger and grander and bloodier. I think I deserve such an ending as a reader, for suffering through a longish build-up like that. It’s basically about a nympho hunting men on a regular basis to feed her insatiable sexual hunger. I do understand the feeling of never getting quite enough, it’s like an itch that wouldn’t go away, that would always come back. I feel ya, sister. But her fetish is a little inconvenient for my taste. 😀 All that work for one orgasm. XD
Length: 13 pages
Level of Sex: 2
My rating: 6 out of 10 

Back Row
Brian Lumley
Ah the good old movie theater back row sex. I appreciate the dedication of building a character thoroughly even in such a short story, but it is, after all, a book series about erotic horror. Which means I expect them to put an equal amount of time in the sex and horror too. This story about an elderly man sitting in front of a couple getting down to business right behind him. So because he couldn’t see anything they were doing, it’s all just sounds, smells and feel of movements. Pretty boring stuff. And the horror part comes in the end, but it was pretty unclear, at least to me, as what had happened. And I guess there is a tiny little twist in the end, but it was so half-heartedly made that I can’t help but be nonchalant about it.
Length: 10 pages
Level of Sex: 1
My rating: 5 out of 10 

Brian Hodge
Mmm, the grand finale for the book. I liked that they started and ended the book with a really strong story. Godflesh is a story about one strong fetish that would rule one’s entire life. I know what some people say about kinky ones, that they would constantly seek kinkier and kinkier experience cos soon everything is going to feel like nothing. I tend to disagree with that. There might be thrill seekers and adrenaline chasers who would just need more and more among kinksters, but I think many of us are just seeking what we like, what make us tick. For many of us, kinky sex is just like regular sex for vanilla people, once we find what we like, we can never quite get enough of the same thing. While vanilla sex is a neat package of certain things to do, kink is so much of a bigger world to explore and to try, so it might take us longer to find our place. But ultimately, all of us just want to feel good. And I guess ‘Godflesh’ is about that journey of seeking and then finding and then not getting enough of that one thing. Well, I’m glad that my taste of kink is not quite as extreme as the fetish in this story. 🙂
Length: 24 pages
Level of Sex: 5
My rating: 9 out of 10 


Review of the whole book

Although ‘Seeds of Fear’ had many decent stories, its stories weren’t very ‘Hot Blood’. It’s a very specific tone and gives off a very specific vibe. So although book 5 is packed with great stories, it’s so far my least favorite Hot Blood book.

18 stories
Average rating: 6.7
Stories with a rating below or is 6 out of 10: 8
Stories with a rating 7-8 out of 10: 8
Stories with a rating 9 out of 10: 2

Best stories:
The Jajouka Penis-Beetle

Most erotic story: The Jajouka Penis-Beetle, Male-call, Godflesh
Most memorable story: Godflesh


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