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Foodporn Monday – Fried chicken and mini pizzas a la Buffy

A little culinary week last week, a delicious one nonetheless. Let’s get right into it.

2017-02-08-17-45-57During the week, I decided I want some good old fried chicken, so I cut my whole chicken into littler pieces. I used a very simple salt, pepper and garlic marinate, left the skin on and sealed them on a hot pan with just two tablespoonfuls of goose fat. Then I finished cooking them on a rack in the oven. The end result was so crispy and juicy and delicious that it definitely won’t be the last time I make fried chicken. As a side dish I fried some greens, this time spinach and some kimchi. If you haven’t tried it before, let me tell you, kimchi and fried chicken are a couple made in heaven! The spicy and sour flavors of the kimchi cuts through the heaviness of the fried chicken and the crunchy kimchi is so perfect paired with the crispiness of the chicken. I also added some kimchi juice to some mayonnaise making a slightly spicy mayo for the chicken. This whole meal was so comforting and satisfying. I did end up eating some more greens with them on the leftover days. The chicken still tasted good on the following days even after they lose their crispiness. Next time I might just make some buffalo chicken wings with the same method.

2017-02-12-18-40-52On the weekend, I would try my best to eat some fish. Since I opened up a huge bag of kimchi, I simply fried some salmon pieces with a soy sauce / mirin / sake mixture with some ginger, garlic, chili and chives. And for the side dish, I chopped up some carrot and celery sticks, mixed with kimchi and coriander. It’s a very refreshing and easy salad to pair with anything heavy like fatty fish or meat or anything deep-fried. I am a kimchi addict, I would eat kimchi with anything really. 😛 It’s always one of my favorite ingredient to put in an omelette. And it’s also great in fried rice or noodles or spicy soup.

2017-02-12-20-17-36On the weekend I also did some meal prepping for weekday lunches at work. I made eggplant lasagna and got really creative with the filling. In addition to minced beef, I chopped up some celery, carrot, red pepper and onion and a lot of spinach along with some  crushed tomatoes for the base of the sauce. And after a lot of cheese plus an egg and cheese mixture, it actually looks like a decent lasagna. Threw in some more spinach as salad and a handful of cherry tomatoes and a small yellow plum, voila! Lunch meal prep done.

2017-02-13-19-50-02And for an early Valentine’s Day celebration yesterday, I found some long lost mini pizzas from the store that I don’t usually go to. I love mini pizzas cos unlike regular pizzas, they can go under the Buffy treatment. Fans of the TV show Buffy might remember a recipe introduced in the show. Mini pizzas, after they are done from the oven, they are also  fried in a hot pan in a little bit of olive oil. So bottom of the little pizzas would turn golden brown from the hot oil and the taste is unbelievably delicious. The perfect food to celebrate Valentine’s Day. ❤


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