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So this week, it was a huge revelation about my eating habits. I’m on my third week of the super strict Whole30 diet, and my body finally learned not to rely on sugar as a fuel and I feel so freaking good. And then I stumbled upon this little channel on Youtube called ‘What I’ve Learned‘. And I watched the following video, and I paid attention. And I watched it again. Then again. Until I really understood what it was saying.

You read about protein, fat, carbs. Every single diet out there is a different combination of those, high-protein low-carb, high-fat high-protein, high-carb low-fat, lots of combinations. But if you are anything like me, I actually had no idea what each of those does inside of the body. What happens to fat, protein and carbs once you eat them. I kinda knew, but not really. And having dealt with so many ‘professionals’, including doctors and personal trainers, none of them actually explained the simple facts this 11-minute video made me realize. So you are telling me, the reason I can’t seem to shed the rest of the excess fat that I have no matter how hard or often I worked out was because I kept feeding sugar and carbs to my body? Because I kept my insulin level high all the time, that was why I couldn’t lose the fat? And the reason I was constantly tired, craving junk food and having mood swings was carbs? So I do feel a little cheated to blame all of my excess weight on fat. I felt brain-washed.

From that video, I watched a lot of videos after that. Almost all of videos on ‘What I’ve Learned’ channel and then there is another channel I found hosted by Dr Eric Berg. If cutting off sugar for just three weeks feel as great as I do now, better than I remember being for a long long time, I don’t ever want to stop. And if I can finally get the dream body that I want by doing the sugar-free diet, I guess I can finally achieve the promise the Whole30 diet provides: I can finally have my food freedom back. I don’t ever have to count calories again, I don’t ever have to practice portion control again. Cos especially one sentence stuck with me from the video above:

“If you are feeding your body right, it would be really really hard to over-eat. But if you are feeding your body wrong, it would be really really hard not to over-eat.”


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