Kinky Dungeon

Sexy Sunday – Hook

Welcome to Sexy Sunday, a little nook in my blog where I share small kinky things that happened in the last seven days. And sometimes, it might not even be sexual things, it might just be fun stuff about a D/s relationship. But this week, it was very much sexual. 😛 Like I wrote about on one of the days on my kinky advent calendar in December, I really like to be tied up standing up. So it was a very nice surprise when I saw the ceiling hook on the ceiling of Sir Atticus’s place. Can’t leave a good old ceiling hook un-christened now, can we? 😛 I’ve been tied up standing up before at Sir’s old apartment, but that was a fixture that was hooked over a door. It means I actually got some support by leaning against the door, so standing on my tippy toes for an extended of time was manageable. Now the new fixture is attached to the ceiling in the middle of the room, it became a lot more challenging. Despite all of that, I love it. With all of my muscles tautly stretched, my breasts rising up with my arms, temporarily losing the tiny natural sag that gravity created with time, in that position my tummy automatically tugged in without effort, standing on tippy toes proudly and prominently showcased my calf muscles that I acquired with hard work, I felt beautiful. Sir put my kitten collar on my neck, and the oval gag with holes, then my nightmare the nipple clamps, it was exciting and painful at the same time and made me feel that much more attractive. The standing, with nothing to lean against so no cheating, the flogging and riding crop spanking required extra effort for me to stay in place. And judging from the sounds that both instruments made, I knew He was going easy on me, and that made me grateful and shameful at the same time. Grateful for Sir’s kindness, and shameful for being so delicate all of a sudden. But I almost couldn’t take it when He spanked my breasts with the crop, not because it hurt… well, actually it did, but the spanking made my nipples grow bigger and harder and that made the hated nipple clamps tighter and more painful.

But all us ‘receiving ends’ who are into BDSM, we all know that with great pain comes great pleasure. Sir likes to take breaks from the pain by giving pleasure, thus highlighting both with contrast. And on His first break, He took me hard from behind, making the little bells on my collar jingle. The jingling and the little tugging feeling from the nipple clamps and of course the feeling of Sir’s cock going in and out in a less than gentle fashion, it took all of me not to climax then and there. I do wonder, whether I would be conditioned to get wet from the jingling of my collar. 😛 Remains to be seen.

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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