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Mini Movie Reviews – War Dogs, The Accountant, 10 Cloverfield Lane

This is going to be quick because it’s really late and I really just need to be sleeping. And last week wasn’t that good of a movie week as in the movies I watched weren’t that good. There was the Golden Globes though and they are always fun. I’m so happy for my Goddess Emma Stone to win the best actress in musical and comedy category, she deserves it! I can’t wait to see ‘La La Land’. But let’s focus on the matter at hand. Go let’s go!

War Dogs (2016)

I’m a fan of Miles Teller, he proved himself to process the raw kind of talent and masculinity that really doesn’t match his face which is a little baby face. I can’t wait to see him in ‘Bleed for this’ soon. And then we have Jonah Hill that I never really liked. I don’t really mind him most of the time, but he’s never rocked my world. I wanted to mention the two mains because those two matters when it’s a buddy movie. I was really waiting for ‘The Nice Guys’ kind of fun while learning the true story of how two twenty-somethings could become arms dealer in the service of the US military. When I put it like that, it sounds super interesting. But then I watched it and I was bored. The story was interesting, but it was all overshadowed by Jonah Hill’s over the board, super annoying performance. Ugh, that fake laugh. I don’t know whether the real person behind that character had that laugh, but hey, he’s not that famous, it’s okay to leave such mannerism out. I was flabberghasted when Hill actually got a Golden Globes nod for best actor. Are you kidding? I don’t see it. It’s a pity though, it’s a really interesting story, if only someone else would play the part Hill did and the whole film goes back to the editing room to tighten things up. There is one thing though, I don’t know the original story but are twenty-something really that naive? I mean like not making a copy of the partnership contract or keeping the only copy of the contract in an unlocked drawer? Okay, I know, it’s the secretary in me talking. Anyways, I wanted to like it a lot more than I did.
My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10

The Accountant (2016)

Kuvahaun tulos haulle the accountant wikiI don’t like Ben Affleck. The nail to my dislike coffin was the fact that he was chosen to be Batman. No, I’m not over that. And no, I will not let it go. Not in this decade. But I like movies that sound intriguing, and because, obviously, Hollywood likes Ben enough to still offer him interesting roles. Like the leading role in ‘The Accountant’. It’s about this boy genius that grew up to be a master… um… accountant for big bosses? The premise, I promise, sounds more interesting than what I let on. 😀 Just watch the trailer. But the whole movie felt rushed. There wasn’t room or time for the development from that interesting premise, it was like a combo of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘John Wick’. Well, at least it tried to be both and failing to be as good as neither. The story was very predictable from the beginning, the plot wasn’t that mysterious, and I don’t think they even tried to be… The surprise reunion at the ending boss fight, or was it a surprise though? It was so freaking obvious. Even the last ‘surprise’ in the end, well let’s just say that I couldn’t give a shit by that point. I didn’t mind Ben’s acting as much in ‘The Accountant’, but a different person might have elevated this movie from decent to good.
My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

I have not seen ‘Cloverfield’, as much noise as it did create in the horror community. I could hardly stomach hand-cam action horror, I get motion sickness very very easily. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like 3D movies either. Anyways, I know about the original flick though, and that’s why this new horror film sounded so interesting. I went in knowing nothing about it other than it’s not a hand cam action horror. And that John Goodman is in it and he’s a damn fine actor. So it’s basically a story about a woman whose car got ran off the road and she woke up chained up in an underground bunker. Then John Goodman waltzed in and told her that no, she can’t leave cos the world ended and the air is toxic outside. I know, I would be suspicious too. 😀 The whole movie then circled around truth/suspicion until it went on to ‘doesn’t fucking matter’ -territory. And all the while Goodman made a creepy Daddy role. ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ was exciting from beginning till end and left the horror fan in me wanting more. The only problem is this: there were too many things that were thrown at Goodman’s Howard, and not all of them received an answer or other satisfying closure. I guess he didn’t matter in the end, but Howard was interesting. Well, villains usually are, more so than ‘heroes’. But in this case, I never cared about the hero enough just because the villain was so thoroughly bad (which is good). 😛 I know, welcome to the confusing world of horror. 😉
My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10


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