Random Ramblings

Sexy Sunday – Manflu


I almost didn’t write anything today, because Sir Atticus was not feeling well this week so it was just watching TV, eating and relaxing. Not very sexy, except that when Sir was too weak to fight back, He would let His kitten just jabber on and on about nonsense and He would just sit there looking pretty and nod and hhmmm in the right places. 😀 I’m actually a little disappointed that He wasn’t more manflu-y, in fact He wasn’t manflu-y at all. I mean, while most women would just roll their eyes when men are manfluing, manfluing Dominants are service submissives’ dream come true. Not that us service subbies ever wish for our Doms to get sick, but in the case they do, they can never be too needy. 😛

Another reason I need to write today, it’s that I need to make a shout-out. Today, my blog was viewed over 400 times, while the regular daily view is usually around fifty. It broke the record of daily views! And judging from the map, today’s views are mostly due to one person from Finland. 😀 Whoever you, sir or madam, thank you! I’m flattered, and I hope you were entertained. 🙂 Do say hello in the comments!


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